High risk security mistakes are more common in commercial buildings like offices, banks, shopping malls, hotels, shopping complex, restaurants and event centres.

The high influx of people to such commercial buildings is a perfect cover for criminal activities, especially if such commercial buildings are making the following high risk security mistakes.

6 High Risk Security Mistakes to Avoid in Commercial Buildings

  • Poor Access Control

Without a strict access control security system in place through the use of physical security posts, metal detector scanners, visitor logs and access IDs or badges, commercial buildings are very likely to accommodate criminals into their premises.

This is one of the effective ways to checkmate the high influx of people into a commercial building to avoid making high risk security mistakes. Once there’s no access control security system in place to evaluate who goes in and comes out, criminals can easily gain access.

  • Unsecured Entry Points

Most commercial buildings have more than one entry and exit points; leaving one of such points unsecured is another common high risk security mistakes to avoid in commercial buildings. While it’s understandable that not every entry and exit point can be used for access control, care must be taken to ensure some form of security is in place. And this is where using security technologies such as CCTV becomes quite useful, as they serve as additional security to complement the security guards doing access control.

  • Low Security Consciousness

Another common high risk security mistakes to avoid in commercial buildings is low security consciousness. Besides the physical security guards who do access control and the installation of other security technologies in a commercial building, the occupants also have a role to play too.

If it’s a shopping complex, how security conscious are the owners of the individual outlets in the building? If it’s a hotel, how safe are the guests and their properties? What measures are in place to ensure their belongings are secured?

Regularly updating the occupants as well as the people who work in commercial buildings about the different high risk security mistakes to avoid is generally advised to boost security consciousness. Security is important, so always treat it as such by making it everyone’s responsibility.

  • Building Design Flaws

Another common high risk security mistakes to avoid in commercial buildings is design flaws. In a bid to build a beautiful commercial building that will become the centre of attraction, security is often compromised.

No matter how beautiful the architectural design of the building is, it should never compromise the safety and security of the people who would occupy it. A beautifully unsafe building is no good to both the owner and the occupants.

So before development, the services of security consultants must be employed to review the building design to ensure any security loopholes are covered.

  • Ignorance of Existing Security Systems

Ignorance of existing security systems is another common high risk security mistakes to avoid in commercial buildings. It’s not enough to just have them installed, both the occupants as well as the personnel in charge of the security system must be fully aware of its existence.

Often times, one of the first moves of intending criminals is to disable your existing security systems prior to their attack. Regularly checking them to confirm their performance can go a long way to forestall danger.

Ideally, everyone should be educated about the existing security systems in place and their functionalities. In the event of potential danger, they should be able to respond accordingly to protect themselves as well as the building from intruders.

  • Blind Spots

Another common high risk security mistakes to avoid in commercial buildings are blind spots. These are highly sensitive spots in the building with sensitive information or valuable goods without adequate security.

Special security should be given to such special locations in commercial buildings. Treating such spots like the rest of the building without allocating sufficient security systems in place is a high risk security mistake to avoid.


Commercial buildings are prone to crime, so don’t fall victim to these common high risk security mistakes discussed above. Use them to evaluate your current security systems and if you need professional help with this, apply for our FREE SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT <– click here!


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