5 Event Security Measures to Guarantee Public Safety

Public Event Security

Public security is threatened during large public events that attract large numbers of people such as; sporting events or political events, concerts, and cultural exhibitions.

In planning and managing major special large events, the organizers must:

  • Pre-event Planning: don’t wait till dying minute to start planning for the security of lives and properties during the event. Put a security team in place 6 months prior to the event date that includes; private security consultants, federal, state and local law enforcement officials.

 Public Event Security1

  • Plan for worst-case scenarios: such as extraordinary crimes, violence by protestors, a possible terrorist attack, natural disasters—but also be thoroughly prepared to deal with ordinary crimes and incidents such as fights, drunkenness, stampeding etc.

Public Event Security4

  • Weigh the security measures that could conceivably be taken: for example, street closures, searches, highly visible tactical units to produce events that are enjoyable, well attended, and profitable.

Public Event Security5

  • Establish new and effective—but temporary—organizational arrangements, management structures, and methods of communication. There’s no security without an effective means of communication.

Public Event Security2

  • Ensure that appropriate federal law enforcement officials, such as the police, military, road safety and SSS, are informed in advance about events with national or international significance to guarantee federal awareness and possible support.

Public Event Security3