6 Ways to Tighten The Internal Security Of An Office Environment

Internal Security

Just like every other building or space, securing an office is also very important. However, the internal security in offices starts from the deliberate awareness of staffs or users of the office space. This article will give you 6 ways of maintaining a good internal security level in your office.

6 Ways to Tighten The Internal Security Of An Office Environment

If you are a business owner, please do well to read thoroughly, perhaps you don’t own a business, this article will surely get you started on having a truly secured office environment.

  1. Secure Computers and Documents

In a technology-driven age as this, 80% of what we do in offices are computerized and automated. Even as good as it sounds, access to this devices needs to be controlled to ensure unauthorized individuals would not have access to confidential reports and documents.

Some companies and individuals have been compromised because they were lackadaisical about controlling access to computers. Documents and computer should be password enabled and changed from time to time.

  1. Install Video Surveillance System

It’s good to have security guards but a technology known as CCTV (closed circuit television) would make your system more efficient. A CCTV  monitoring system can provide the full coverage of daily activities in your office, making it easier to detect theft and assist security guards in the prompt response to security threats.

  1. Office Illumination

Aside from the fact that bad lighting causes strain of the eyes, a good light provides a certain degree of security. Ensure that your offices are well illuminated with natural light; this is because there could be times during working hours when you have a power outage or electrical faults. In cases like this, the natural light would come in handy. This could also help to respond to other security threats because thieves could also disconnect power source in order to commit robbery.

  1. Check-in & Check-out Register

In order to ensure internal security, members of staff should ensure they sign in and sign out whenever they leave the office; even for coffee breaks! Details should also include the actual time of exiting and entering. This will aid the investigation of crime should there be any.

  1. Automated Doors and Locks

The invention of smart doors and locks has reduced the over-reliance on the use of keys. You can now unlock doors using mobile applications, fingerprints, retinal scan, and remote digital cards. These systems are more convenient as they are mostly alarm enabled.

When there is an unauthorized personnel in your office, your security guards can get them arrested even before they gain entrance. The good thing about this kind of security is that your staff identity card could be digitalized to serve as lock and unlocking device. All you need is to install the system. Smart, isn’t it?

  1. Get lockers

Lockers serve as an extra storage and safe keeper of personal belongings. The locker is even more useful in offices where most staff does not have access to a desk (which usually have a locker). For example, waiters or salespersons at malls don’t have the luxury of walking with their personal belongings while on duty.

In conclusion, having a good security starts with a deliberate effort of staff to identify potential threats. However, incorporating the 6 tips shared above will further strengthen the internal security of your office environs.