BUSINESS SECURITY: 5 Strategic Ways A Security Guard Can Improve Your Business Productivity

5 Strategic Ways A Security Guard Can Improve Your Business Productivity

Have you ever imagined walking into a commercial bank without the physical presence of a uniformed security guard? What about shopping at a mall without uniformed security guards? And how about not having a security guard at your children’s school?

If you are a parent or guardian, am pretty sure you will be skeptical about enrolling your children in such school. In this article, we will share with why and how the presence of a security guard can be instrumental to your business productivity. As we clearly pointed out in a previous article; your business is actually losing money by not using  professional security guards.

5 Strategic Ways A Security Guard Can Improve Your Business Productivity

  • Security Guards are Your First Impression

The role of security guards have gone beyond standing by the door, they now perform some ‘hospitality’ role. Security guards now greet! This is a trend in major banks in Nigeria. Security guards now welcome customers.

This simple act makes a customer feel at ease. If you have a hostile and unprofessional security guard you are already helping your customer make the decision of not buying from you. If you want to attract and retain customers, you should start by getting security guards who are friendly looking but focused and professional in dealing with security issues.

  • Security Guards help Build Trust in the Mind of Your Customers

No one wants to do business where the safety of their lives and property are not guaranteed. Imagine on your next visit to the bank you didn’t find any security guard at the entrance? Am sure you won’t dare walk in because you might just be walking into an on-going robbery.

How then will you get more clients when customers can’t get a few minutes to transact with your business because you don’t have a visible security guard? Ideally, customers would trust you more when you show concern by providing them with adequate security.

  • Security Guards help you Check Punctuality at the Workplace

Diligence in the punctuality of staffs is another task the modern security guards are saddled with. They manage the businesses access log-book, keep records of visitors and staff while noting the time and the purpose of visit for visitors and staffs.

For a business to be at it optimum, it needs its staff to be punctual at days of work. Business activities will stall when staffs arrive late to work. You don’t want to keep your customers waiting!

  • Asset Protection

There are several valuable pieces of machinery used in the production of goods and services, how far would you go in safeguarding your asset? Should any of your equipment get stolen, production could stop and you will spend more time and money trying to replace the stolen equipment.

This is where a security guard becomes so important, they would help you prevent such experience; remember you have competitor willing to take advantage when you don’t deliver your services when needed.

  • Security Guards help you to be Accountable

Everyone like the sound of ‘guaranteed security’ at public places. When you have security guards at your workplace, you have peace of mind knowing someone is watching out for you and your business’ well-being.

The presence of security guards serves as a visible deterrent to criminals and protection of your customers’ assets each time they patronise you. Should there be any case of theft your security team would give information that would help the police carry out an effective investigation.

What you need to do to improve your business productivity

As a business owner or manager, it is important to give your brand the right perception. You must give your customers reasons to trust your services. In this article, ways at which security guard can improve your business productivity have been emphasized.

In essence, your business won’t thrive in an unsecured environment, and your staffs will not be punctual if you don’t have a neutral person monitoring their punctuality, that way you know who amongst your staffs need to be queried.

These and more are ways security guards can improve your business productivity, please feel free to share with us how having a security guard have helped you improve productivity. We would like to hear from you.