4 Reasons Why Protocol Duties Are Best Handled By Professional Guards

4 Reasons Why Protocol Duties Are Best Handled By Professional Guards

Protocol services are duties that involve the following of properly laid down procedures for the effective functioning of a system. It is a service that has now become the most important in Embassies, Airports, Events centre, Corporate and Government offices.

These services have also become a mainstay at Churches and Mosques in Nigeria, though somewhat similar to ushering services.

Duties of protocol officers include identifying VIP, welcoming of guests, manning the doors, travel escorts, logistics planning, occasionally involved in the planning and coordinating of events.

You will agree that these duties are really important, and must be handled effectively because it could make or mare the success of a planned program.

In this article, we will share with you 4 areas where you need to assign trained security personnel to handle your protocol duties to eliminate any form of potential security gap and security breach by intruders.

4 Reasons Why Protocol Duties Are Best Handled By Professional Guard


You might be wondering why professionally trained security personnel should be handling your travel plans?

It’s due to security reasons, your travel plans should be done by a trained professional because you or your guests are most venerable when planning your travels or during travels.

Everyone desires a safe and secure travel experience, after all, one most important thing that makes a great travel experience is the safety of life and property!

Other areas where security inclined protocol officers are needed are in:

–    Booking of flights, train, bus and events tickets

–    Transportation and accommodation arrangement

–    Travel escorts

All the mentioned duties are to ensure that your security is guaranteed, and this is one service that we at Sheriff Deputies have become accustomed to. Wouldn’t it be good of you to contact us for your protocol duties?


If you desire a good customer experience in your organisation, it must start at the entrance, we mean the front desk.

Who welcomes your guest? How your guests are welcome? Who directs your guests (even at the parking lot)?

Our personnel are equipped with all requisite knowledge to function effectively as a front desk officer. You don’t want a guest walking into your organisation with a gun or explosive device with an intention to harm.

The level of professionalism exhibited when doing the routine stop and search is one that differentiates us from the rest.

Our excellent communication skills have now become one of the reasons why our services are more revered.


The success of a system starts at the Administrative department of any company. Most companies who have things going smoothly have something going right administratively. One of which is the designation of task and assignment to staffs.

While you focus on doing what is required of you in your organisation, these officers help you in taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, planning for meetings, preparing logistics, and handling other business essentials.

There are times when confidential files are to be moved from one office to another, you should make use of these professionally trained officers who will confidentially deliver files to the appropriate desk without a compromise. You don’t want vital company document on the wrong hands.


If we are to look at events planning from a security perspective, you will realize that the success of the events bothers on how you are able to effectively manage the security situation.

A protocol officer who has been trained on the essentials of event security will put in measures that will ensure the security of life and property.

Such protocol officers will carefully scrutinize the other professionals that will be involved in the program of the events, people like the bouncers, ushers, sound engineers.

Any of these people could be a cause of a security breach, so you must take the effort to get a protocol officer that understands how security risk assessment should be done.


As we all plan to take decisive actions in creating a safer living and working environment.

We believe this article has helped you see the reasons why you should have trained security personnel to handle your protocol duties.

Like we mentioned, travel, front desk, events planning and administrative assistant duties are some areas where you need a security professional because these are possible causes of security breaches.

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