EVERYDAY SECURITY: 6 Problems A Security Guard Can Help You Solve

EVERYDAY SECURITY: 6 Problems A Security Guard Can Help You Solve

Often times we walk past security guards at event centres, schools, eatery, mall and every other place where their services are needed. We take a few seconds to gaze, check out their customized uniforms and maybe the badges.

What happens afterwards? We simply look away and get to the business of what brought us to that location. We only call them when we need their help, which is why they are there anyways – to provide assistance to whosoever needs them.

The efforts of the security guards have been undermined by many, especially on the part of visitors to the company where security guards are employed.

These seem like an obvious fact, however, smart businesses are definitely not undermining the efforts of security guards. As there are more than 50,000 active private security personnel in Lagos state alone.

EVERYDAY SECURITY: 6 Problems A Security Guard Can Help You Solve

Security guards duty are essentially to protect lives and property, even more, they also help to solve some problem we experience every day. Let’s look at some of the challenges our gallant officers have been able to solve, No.6 is the most obvious.


No one likes to be accused of something that he or she didn’t do; neither would anyone like to be taken for someone else especially when a crime is involved.

The presence of security guards helps to prevent cases like this. Guards are there to keep a watch on every activity in the business premises. The surveillance camera is one of the aids used by guards to monitor activities. Manned guards also take note of faces and report suspicious individuals.

During crime investigation, guards also assist the police with reliable information on suspects.


Firearms can be an offensive weapon and could be very useful when there is a threat to life. Legally, you need a license to own a weapon; otherwise, it’s a crime in Nigeria.

Regardless, arms are not mobile phones; it shouldn’t be taken everywhere. Especially at places where fights often break out (clubs, public gatherings). This is because people with guns can actually take laws into their own hands.

Our guards are equipped with metal detectors to check for weapons like guns and knives, vehicles are also scanned at entry and exit point. This act has been able to reduce to the barest minimum the illegal use of firearms. Business premises where security guards work all have parked Vehicles that are scanned.


Security guards help you take count of stocks. Before we were engaged by store and warehouse owners, they lamented about the consistent case of unaccounted stock, goods get missing from the warehouse without a trace.

As a measure to prevent shoplifting, we stopped customers from going into the mall with their bag packs. And at the point of exit, we request for a receipt for the good/item purchased for verification. Courtesy of this strategy, we have been able to nip the act in the board.

If you run a store or do business that involves keeping a high volume of goods, then you should get a professional guard. If you have not experienced any of the mentioned challenges; sooner or later you will experience. And that’s if you don’t take proactive step by engaging a private security company like Sheriff Deputies.

The good thing about guards in your store is this, should there be a case of shoplifting; the security guards on duty are held responsible. So, from a client’s point of view you will not be bearing the cost of missing items, the security company bear it, that’s insurance for you!


Punctuality is seen as characteristics of a productive staff. However, punctuality is also one of the things businesses have had a hard time dealing with. When your staff don’t resume at their post on time, customers/client will be left stranded. Trust us, it can be really annoying; the consequence of this can be detrimental to your business.

Imagine seeing 10 names in the attendance register on a morning only to find out you have only 4 staff at their desks. We understand that not every company can afford the regular clock-in machine; security guards are a more reliable and cheaper alternative.

Security guards maintain company attendance log book which has names, designation, time in and time out columns wherein staff have to record and sign against.

We ensure a strict recording of the ‘time-in and time-out’, as opposed to the usual alteration of time by staff which existed before security guards got introduced.


Handling of logistics can be a daunting task, and also one that creates an opportunity for theft if not well handled.

Before now, some to the company we currently work with had complained about diversion and untimely arrival of some of their goods. Since then, the stories have been different.

We offer escort services to businesses who engaged in the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. We also help in the implementation of complex logistics operations.

The presence of security guards at offloading and loading yards simply wades off people who have it mind to commit a crime.


A robbery experience is not one anyone anticipates, but it is what it is, robbery happens. The only way to prevent it is to put security measures in place. One of which is getting security guards to strategically manage possible security issues.

Before now, shop owners lamented of the frequent burgling of their shops overnight. Others say criminals forcefully gain entry into their houses to rob them of their valuables when they had gone to work.

These incidences have reduced to a large extent, thanks to the effort of security guards. Business and home where security guards are used enjoy a relatively low record of robbery or theft.


The efforts of the private security guards in keeping us safe should be applauded and well compensated. If you have been following our blog, you would have observed we only share everyday information on how you can stay safe.

In this article, we highlighted robbery, logistics, staff punctuality, mistaken identity, shoplifting and firearms control as some of the problem security guards can help you solve if you engage their services.

We have well-trained officers ready to meet your immediate security needs, you can book a free security risk assessment session here.

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