Business Security: 5 Important Components of the Visitors Book And How It Affects Your Security

5 Important Components of the Visitors Book And How It Affects Your Security

Have you wondered why security guards usually request that visitors register their presence in a book upon entering a business premise? Most of the time, it is manually filled (handwritten), however, some international organisation have automated this process.

In most cases, signing a visitors book is the first interaction visitors have with your organisation once they have arrived.

With a visitors notebook, one is expected to provide the following information: name, time-in, time-out, whom to see, visitors address and visitors phone number.

5 Important Components of the Visitors Book And How It Affects Your Security

We are going to be looking at the (5) five important information you should give at the security post while filling the visitors book. This article will help you understand the reason behind the visitors book and why you should fill in your details correctly when you are getting in and out.

  1. Visitors Name

This is usually the second column of the visitors register; the first column is where you have the serial number (S/N), which indicates the order at which visitors come in.

Your name is your identity, and you must fill your real name because the company do refer to the visitors’ register to get other contact details of visitors if there is a need. If you gave a different name at the appointment you came for, it will be difficult to trace your contact if there is a need to contact you. If you are inconsistent with the information you give, it is normal that you would be suspected to be a criminal or have the intent to commit a crime.

In the event of a crime, the visitors’ logbook is also considered as an exhibit, and if the aforementioned becomes evident, one could be summoned for questioning.

  1. Time – In

At the column labelled time in, you are expected to record correctly the time of signing in i.e. the time you got into the business premise. This information helps the security guards to accurately tell the number of visitors in the building, and the order at which they got in.

  1. Time – Out

Time-out here means the column where you record the time of leaving the business premises. Even if your visit is less than 40 seconds you still need to fill this column (sign out) correctly because it is a piece of important safety information.

A visitor is assumed to still be within business premises unless he or she signs out. Should a crime be reported, the visitors’ logbook is also considered as an exhibit, and if the aforementioned becomes evident, you could be summoned for questioning by security operatives.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, the time in and time out column gives an accurate roll call at an assembly/muster point. This will also enable security guard to inform the fire service if somebody is still in the property when they arrive.

  1. Whom to See

The ‘whom to see’ column is where you record the name of the person you have an appointment with. This is a security check; make sure you know the name or the office where you are having an appointment before visiting; you would be turned back from that spot if the name you are giving doesn’t match a staff name.

Alternatively, security guards usually ask that you put a phone through to the person you are visiting, just to confirm your words. Security guards also do due diligence to confirm that the person on the other end of the call is indeed a staff.

This column also helps the security guards keep tabs on the frequency of visitors each staff is getting over a period-of-time. It is also a column that investigators analyze when conducting their investigations.

  1. Visitor Phone Number

Phone numbers are simply given to get a callback, this column is where you are expected to fill your active line, please note, and fill in your active phone line!

Your phone numbers are needed for several reasons, it could be to reschedule an appointment or to get more information. In a case of car obstruction for instance, if your vehicle is obstructing another car, your phone number would be called by the security guards and politely ask that you come re-park your car.


The visitors’ register contributes towards a secure workplace in the sense that, it helps one to give an account of visitors.

Understandably, one could be skeptical about dropping vital information such as the phone number at the visitor register.

Our security guards have been trained on how to monitor the process strictly. So far, there has been no case of identity theft as a result of the information gotten from visitors book at location/site we secure. Our visitors book is maintained in to give a professional appearance for a positive first impression always. There are modern visitor books that often contain detachable passes for visitors to display on their person whilst on-site, this helps to increase site security.

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