COVID19: The Critical Role of Nigerian Security Officials during This Global Pandemic

COVID19: The Critical Role of Nigerian Security Officials during This Global Pandemic

Pandemics are majorly disease outbreaks that become widespread as a result of the spread of human-to-human infection. Beyond the debilitating, consequences for those directly affected, pandemics have a range of negative social, economic and political consequences.

The World Health Organisation on March 11, 2020, declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. As at the time of writing this article only 2 out of 54 African countries (Lesotho and Comoros) are COVID-19 free countries.

Nigeria has had its fair share of the pandemic, as at the time of writing this article, more than 300 Coronavirus cases have been confirmed. The livelihood of most Nigerians has also been adversely affected due to the Federal Government imposed a curfew to curb the spread of COVID-19.

COVID19: The Critical Role of Nigerian Security Officials during This Global Pandemic

In this article, we are going to look at the role of the Nigerian security officials are playing, we will look at their impact and contribution in the control of the spread of Coronavirus.

  1. The Private Security Officers

The private security officers can be seen manning their posts, the private security guard companies were not affected by the curfew declared by the Federal Government because they offer essential services.

Even though everyone is forced to stay and work from home, the offices need to be secured, marketplaces still need to watched and houses need to be guarded while the lockdown is in place. Men of the Sheriff Deputies can be seen at sites where we had been deployed, geared and motivated to prevent any form of crime at clients’ site.


  1. The Nigerian Police Officers

The job of the police have been more intense, asides protecting the lives and properties of the citizen, they also ensure the strict adherence to the stay at home order. They arrest defaulters and educate the citizens on the COVID-19 control measures.

They also ensure that only persons who offer essential services move around and make sure that the social distance is respected by everyone, they can be seen on major roads searching vehicles and confirming movement permit from people who offer essential services.

There is no denying that the curfew in Lagos and Ogun State have opened up many communities to several robbery attacks, the police during this pandemic have made arrests of these thieves through the collaborative efforts of local vigilantes and kept them behind bars.

Like we have always advised at Sheriff Deputies ‘ Security is everyone’s business’, if you see something strange call The Police if you don’t have a private security officer manning your gates, the police stations are always open, we urge you to report any criminal activities to the police and do not take laws into your hands.


  1. The Nigerian Army Officers

This Nigerian Army is arguably the most respected security agency in Nigeria, they engage in fighting perceived enemies of the country, like other security agencies, they also ensure the safety of the citizens is assured.

At a time when Nigeria is faced with the harsh reality of the COVID-19, army officers are seen educating people on the need to stay home and arrest defaulters of the stay-at-home order. T

he Nigerian Army as revered as the go-to persons when there is a breakdown of law and order – this they have carried out seamlessly. One can tell that despite the economic hardship their presence in major roads and streets have prevented people from causing a revolt or riot.

Army officers can also be seen at the temporary marketplace where they take temperature test of buyer and seller; they see to it that hands are washed with soap and water. They can also be deployed in the case of state of emergency when there is total breakdown of law and other as a result of the lockdown.


  1. The Nigerian Immigration Officers

The primary assignment of the Nigeria Immigration Officers is coordinating the movement of people from Nigeria to other countries of the world and vice versa; their job also is to keep the country’s land and sea borders safe. They work in synergy with other law enforcement officers to make sure that the country’s policies on international travels are upheld.

The Nigerian Immigration’s duty during this COVID-19 pandemic is to ensure that persons coming into the country keep to the disease control guidelines. They ensure that only persons who are free of COVID-19 enters the country and facilitate further testing and isolation of travellers from countries that have had cases of coronavirus.

They can be seen conducting the temperature test, and see to it that people coming into the country are made to go through the 14 days isolation period before they are allowed to meet their loved ones or carry out the purpose for which they have come into the country.


  1.  Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Officers (NSCDC)

NSCDC is the Para-military agency of the government their duties are to assist in the maintenance of peace and order and the protection of the civil population during the period of emergency. They are commissioned to provide measures against threat and any form of attack or disaster against the nation and its citizenry.

In a time as this NSCDC officials can be seen working with other security bodies in monitoring the delivery of relief materials to the most vulnerable in the community.

Like the Army, they also ensure the social distance order are strictly adhered to, they can be seen monitoring the stay at home order and arresting anyone found to have violated the order.

Action point

The pandemic has shaken nations and many are scrambling to find a way to control its spread and facilitate the recovery of the infected citizens, it has been a trying moment for everyone, especially for people whose of livelihood have been adversely affected.

We urge everyone to be patient and keep to disease control measures. The security personnel  will keep doing their best to see that the palliatives get to the people who need it most.

We at Sheriff Deputies, we urge you to maintain personal hygiene, avoid touching your nose or mouth with hands that have not been sanitized, keep a distance of 1metres to the next person, wash hands from time to time and use alcohol-based sanitizers to disinfect your hands.

Please visit the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control’s (NCDC) website for more information on COVID-19, avoid sharing unverified reports on social media, confirm all update on NCDC’s website and social media handles before sharing information with family and friends.

Please call the NCDC office (NCDC toll-free number: 080097000010) so they the person can be further tested. Please stay safe, stay at home together we will overcome this global pandemic.