4 Importance of a Patrol Vehicle for Security Outfits

4 Importance of a Patrol Vehicle for Security Outfits

Patrol vehicles are essential assets for security agencies. It’s hard to identify a functioning security company in Nigeria without one at least! It can be likened to buying a notebook and pen for a child on his or her first day at school. A patrol vehicle can be a motorcycle, salon car, or a van, so long as it’s suitable for the terrain where it’s been deployed.

In this article, we are going to sharing with you reasons why security outfits can’t operate effectively without a patrol vehicle, most recently is the purchase of 120 patrol vehicles and 600 patrol motorcycles to fortify the operations of Amotekun – an initiative of governors in the South-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria to combat the rising cases of kidnapping, robbery, and banditry.

4 Importance of a Patrol Vehicle for Security Outfits

One of the reasons why we are highly revered amongst the league of private security practitioners in Nigeria is because we are equipped for the task, which is to secure the lives and property of our clients. The following point also suggests to you, how to patrol vehicles have helped us stand out as a private security company.

  1. Safety precaution 

The patrol van also serves a means of protecting our security officer when working at their sites, the patrol vehicle help officers to navigate through most especially when passing through hostile communities.

Aside from the road cautions, the presence of patrol vans at checkpoints helps to raise awareness against over speeding by other road users.

  1. Surveillance

Vehicle security patrols are mostly used at large sites, In patrolling, security guards inspect, monitor, and prevent security incidents as they move from place to place. The vehicles’ security guard gives guards the luxury of covering a large area on multiple occasions.

For security to be assured in large sites, we ensure that security patrol vehicle is permanently stationed in strategic areas such that guards can respond to emergencies when it arises, and quickly foil criminal attacks.

  1. Swift response to dangers 

The hallmark of any security outfit is the swift response to emergencies, and avert what would have been a major tragedy in a community or location where a crime being committed.

Our patrol van is equipped with walkie talkie and trackers to get real-time situation reports from sites secured by our operatives. This way, we are able to keep track of happenings, depending on the terrain of the area of deployment, bikes, and vans that are assigned to meet the security needs of that location.

The light bar and siren in patrol vehicle also help to make less busy traffic on the road should there be an emergency response call.

  1. Escort duties

The patrol van is used to help provide security for convoys, they are usually the first set of vehicle you will see in a convoy. They provide cover for VIP clients who seek to move around town or travel with the comfort and assurance of their personal safety.

We have secured the proper license from the Nigerian Police Force and we have adequate clearance to make use of both SPU and MOPOL services.

In summary, patrol vehicles are is not a luxury whatsoever, it’s the patrol officers’ place of work. It’s fitting that the industry has caught up to the idea that it ought to be tailored for his needs and safety.

At Sheriff Deputies, we see the patrol vehicle as one of the most important work tools as it has over the years cover large sites like university premises, church premises, factories amongst others. A quick glance at our client testimonials page tells the story.

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