5 Untold Benefits of Professional Security Guards in Private Establishments

5 Untold Benefits of Professional Security Guards in Private Establishments

Private Security guards are contracted to offer guarding services to individuals, corporate or group of people, their job is to see to the protection of lives and properties of their employees. Although, their job functions have since evolved to meet the current security needs.

In private institutions or establishments you will most likely first meet them at the entry points, many will wonder whether there is a need to have someone to guard their premises since there had never been a case of robbery or violent attacks.

Some organizations prefer not to engage the services of a private security company because they don’t think it is necessary that they will prefer to engage a guard who will only work after they have finished work for the day – this perceivably wise option isn’t an economically wise option.

5 Untold Benefits of Professional Security Guards in Private Establishments

It pays to be guarded, upon reading this article, readers will see reasons why private establishments must engage Private security professionals like Sheriff Deputies.


  1. Less Liability and Insurance Cost

Engaging the service of a private security company helps to reduce the wage burden, although the company pays to the contracted security company, who then pays their guards on site. On the part of the security company, they incur the cost of training, welfare, salary, insurance and pension.

These would have been a tall order if the company decided to engage untrained guards who are paid without any form of insurance, hence they indulge in illegal activities such as bribe taking, harassments, stealing and so on.

With a professional security company they have a standard in terms of salary payment structure and maintain it across locations, they have monitoring officers who engage and give professional review on performance of each guard in a location. They will keep an eye on your property and also reevaluate the performances of their guard per time. All these would have incurred cost and had a Private Security like Sheriff Deputies is engaged.


  1. 24/7 protection

It is unsafe to engage the service of Private Security who don’t offer a 24/7 security service. Security guards jobs are not the typical 8-4 or 9-5 job, the attention of a security guard is always needed.

Guards should be on ground to keep watch on your properties while you sleep, they have been trained on night guarding and are equipped with necessary skills to perform excellently at their duty post.

Unlike untrained guards, who will leave their duty posts to sleep once it’s dark, they leave their site exposed to criminals. Professional guards make their site unsuitable for any attacker because it’s always guarded


  1. Self-defense skills

One of the qualities that makes a good security guard is the ability to wrestle and out muscle their attackers if attacked. They use non-lethal methods to disarm and apprehend attackers. It will take a serious threat for you to see a professional trained guard to be overpowered unless the attacker is armed with a lethal weapon.

They offer some form of resistance unlike untrained guards who will run away at the sight of attackers.


  1. Background checking – detailed file check

Part of the duties of the Human Resource department of companies is the training and recruitment of staff. So because most of the Private Institutions don’t have registered and regulated security trainers they find it more difficult asking the guards job applicants the right question and end up recruiting wrongly.

A professional security company would have beforehand vetted and trained their personnel on the act of guarding before posting them to any location. They bear the cost of verifying claims made by the applicant while the contracting company awaits the resumption of the assigned guards.

Guards are not supposed to have any criminal record and must have verifiable working experiences, this exercise can take a while which an individual might not have time for, hence employing the available job seeker as guard which is not good for business.


  1. Availability of Trained Guards

You don’t have to wait for a long time before getting a guard assigned to your location, at Sheriff Deputies, we carry out free security risk assessment, then recommend appropriate measures, and should you accept, guards are signed within 24-48 hrs.

For all the locations guarded by Sheriff Deputies, we post the most experienced officer available. You don’t have to worry about them doing what you want them to do, the security assessment test would have helped us identify key roles and responsibilities for our guards.

Sheriff guards have over 4000 guards scattered across various locations in Nigeria.


Action points

We hope this timely advice will be put to good use. Security is the least of all aspect of life that should be handle with levity, all hands must be on deck, cost of engage shouldn’t be the determining factor when making the decision to engage a private security company, rather go for one with a proven track record in the security sector in Nigeria like Sheriff Deputies, who won the award for the most kitted security company in Nigeria in 2020.