Schools Security: 7 Things School Owners Must Do To Improve Security

Schools Security: 7 Things School Owners Must Do To Improve Security

The reason why security is always a part of a politician’s manifesto is that its success determines the outcome of that economy, security is a determining factor and for other establishments, security is as important as the business itself. Not having security is like building a structure with no pillars, security binds, builds, and grows anywhere it is properly administered. School security is no different, if your school would grow, your disposition to security would determine it. If you don’t plan your security, you will fail at securing your student/pupils, staff, and properties. The resultant effect of insecurity is stagnancy and the eventual closure of business. We don’t want that for you, and that is why we must share this piece with you.

Schools Security: 7 Things School Owners Must Do To Improve Security

In this article, we are highlighting 7 things school owners must do to improve the security of lives of students, staff, and properties.

  1. Controlled Access to Building During and After School Hours

Your school is not supposed to be accessible to everyone, it must be controlled, this can be achieved by having guards manning entrances and exits, whether during or after school hours. A 24 hours access control is important, anyone without tangible reason should not be granted access. It is also important that visitors be properly profiled before they can gain access, this can be achieved by using the time log or visitor notebook, here your guards are the gates, take basic information like their name, time in, the person they coming to visit and the purpose of visit. Otherwise, the guard to dial in through their intercom to the person they want to see to confirm the visit, all these should take more than 3 minutes if you are employing a professional security guard. Should there be foul play by the visitor, the guards can easily effect arrest before taking names and records.

  1. Installation of Security cameras and alarms

The installation of surveillance cameras in strategic areas within the school is non-negotiable, this will ensure that you have a view of happenings within the schools’ premises. It is also important that you have a team of guards or video monitoring experts watching the feeds from the camera so that they can swiftly respond to any intrusion or emergencies. There are different types of surveillance systems in the market, contact Sheriff Deputies for a free security assessment of your school so we can proffer the best surveillance system for your school.

  1. Require Faculty and Staff to Wear Badges or Identity Cards

A means of Identification should be a requirement for staff when they are on the school premises, a visitor tag should be given at the entrance, this helps the security guards keep track of where people are and where they need to be. Identify everyone, from visitors to the president of your company. With this identification, everyone is sure to know where they belong and who might not belong. Put in place internal measures to ensure that the tags, badges, or Identity cards are worn as every time, particularly within the school premises.

  1. Enforced a dress code

Studies have shown that a school dress code can reduce the prevalence of certain behaviors which are often expressed through wardrobes such as violence or promiscuity. Sexual abuse in schools can be reduced to a minimum, students can focus on their academics and de-emphasize on acquiring the latest fashion trends which may not be affordable for most students, for some, they might engage in criminal activities all in a bid to dress in the like there peers who wear the expensive clothes in the school.

  1. Random dog sniffs to check for drugs

K-9 are trained security dogs, their importance is often ignored, but they play a vital role in the security architecture of a location if deployed properly. They have a good sense of smell and can detect drugs and other illicit substances within the school premises. At Sheriff Deputies we use dogs to sniff out drugs because drugs can trigger violence and the attacks can have a demeaning effect on the image of the school and the life of the students and staff at large. So, why allow it to happen when you can consult a professional to get this done?

  1. Require students to wear their identity card

Without an ID, it’s hard to know who a random person is, compared to a student, it allows you to identify your students. This also deters the student from going against the schools’ regulations because they can be easily identified.

  1. Random metal detectors checks

Metal detectors help to prevent the proliferation of dangerous weapons such as guns and knives in the school. This piece of security gadget will also deter students or anyone with the intent to use it because the school is not an army or police base, guns should have no place in schools. Even guards posted to work at schools don’t use a live weapon, only police and the army are permitted to use them because they have been trained to how to handle and use the gun safely.   Final Words Having a security plan for your school is a requirement for school growth. Parents and Guardians will not want to put their ward in an environment where their future can be jeopardized. It is their wish that their children excel academically and morally; this cannot be achieved if you cannot provide some measure of assurance on their security wards.   At Sheriff Deputies, we are charged to deliver quality security services, our officers are well trained and have a track record that breeds assurance of security of life and properties of our clients. Contact us today for a free security risk assessment of your site, let us proffer the best security solution for your site.