4 Sources of Fire Outbreaks at Workplace

workplace fire

Fire outbreaks are not alien to Nigeria, it is an emergency and this type of emergency will remain, as long as we use gas and other petroleum product in our day to day living. The Fire Service in Nigeria was established in 1901 as an arm of the Lagos Police Fire Brigade. The Federal Fire Service (FFS) has the statutory responsibility for rescue fire prevention, mitigation, firefighting as well as paramedical and information services.

For years, this Federal Fire Service have raise concerns about the lack of resources to combat this type of emergency but we have seen states like Lagos State taking the initiative to provide trucks and other fire firefighting equipment they need  to effectively carry out their duties.

One of the commonest complain about the fire service is the poor response time, but the effort of the Federal Government and some state in purchasing firefighting equipment motivates the firefighter to do more.

4 Sources of Fire Outbreaks at Workplace

Even though the response time of the firefighters are getting better, considerable losses are still recorded, leaving goods and property owners to count their losses.

So, today the question is, what is the cause of fire, particularly at the workplace? In this article we looking at 4 main source of fire outbreaks in Nigeria.

Kitchen Gadgets

Ovens, stoves and other appliance are inherent fire hazards. They may also introduce risks such as gas leaks, which can cause extreme fire damage. Fire hazards in the workplace can be difficult to manage if more people have access, some can be distracted and leave the gas valve unclosed or leaving the cooker to overheat.

Fire emergency in the kitchen is most called by negligence and poor safety practice on the part of human. However, to prevent emergencies like this, have your guards or office assistants to seldom check to see if gas and electric switches are turned off.

Fire extinguisher is a must in a workplace, moreso, it must be kept in the kitchen, visible enough for everyone to see.

Flammable material storage

Flammable materials include obvious substance such as gas or oils but can also include more innocuous substances such as paper or hand sanitizer if not stored correctly.

Clutter itself can be hazard when there is little space in between flammable objects, meaning any fire that sparks is likely to spread.


Targeted fires can cause devastation to a business, and it can be hard to stop a determined arsonist.

Detterents like security cameras, keycard-access doors and fire-resistance building materials can cause a would-be fore starter to abandon their plans.


Improper Electrical Setup

Modern buildings’ internal wiring can-if only rarely-cause sparks that ignite structures, especially if circuits are frequently tripped. It is much more common for things like extension cords, personal space heaters and other electrical devices to become overloaded if used unsafely.