BOOK LAUNCH: Signature of Success – A Biography of Late Charles C. Anyasi, founder of Sheriff Deputies Ltd. and Kleenrite Ltd.

The 31st of May 2023 was a day to celebrate the life and times of Late Mr. Charles C. Anyasi, the man whose passion and dream led to the birth of 2 of the biggest cleaning and security company in Nigeria. Until his demise in 2017, he was the founder, MD/CEO of Kleenrite Limited, a professional cleaning company and Sheriff Deputies, a private security outfit.

His life and times have been documented in a book titled Signature of Success, authored by his first son Island Anyasi and a dedicated mentee Eric Aliagwu.

Present at the event were former staff who had gone on to establish themselves in various field with great success – a testament to Late Anyasi influence on leadership and mentorship. Also presents, were close associates, friends and other family members.

Unveiling the biography of the late CEO, Barrister Uche Uwechai, who chaired the occasion described Anyasi as a workaholic who founded many companies and trained many of his workers to establish their own firms. He described the Late Anyasi as a philanthropist, father and a lover of God, he was instrumental in the building of churches and was involved in countless number of charity works.

Mrs Violet Anyasi, wife of Late Anyasi re-echoed his love for God and how he helped her to love God more, she encourage everyone to not give up their dream because with perseverance you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve.

The Book: Signature of Success highlights Late Charles’s humble beginnings, his entrepreneurial journey, his failures, and successes. Events leading to his demise was also captured in this 80 – page biography.

According to the Chairman of the Book launch, Barrister Uwechai, the publication is a documentation that would always inspire people to greatness.

Capturing the events were men of the press, and highlight of the Book launch was aired on Galaxy Television primetime news, Click here to watch

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