5 Preventive Measures against Fire Disaster in Nigerian Home and Offices

5 Preventive Measures against Fire Disaster in Nigerian Home and Offices

A fire outbreak is not an emergency anyone wants to experience. This is beyond being a ‘prophet of doom’, fire disaster happens. It can be caused by human error or malfunctioning of installed machine.

Several other factors are responsible for fire emergencies, some of which are beyond your control. The effect of a fire outbreak is devastating, properties and lives can be lost. Those who survive a fire disaster can only live to count their losses, while some never get to recover in their lifetime.

5 Preventive Measures against Fire Disaster in Nigerian Home and Offices

We understand the emotional trauma that can be experienced when there is a fire outbreak, that why today we share these fire protection measures.

1. Install smoke detectors

Functioning fire and smoke detectors have proven to be effective when properly installed, they are your first line of defence against fire outbreak. When smoke and heat enter that little device on your wall and ceiling, the sensors inside sound the alarm.

This means you can avert the problem before it becomes an emergency. On your part, you should make sure your smoke and fire detectors are in good condition by testing them monthly. It only takes a few minutes to test them, and it can save your home in an emergency.

Better still, let a professional ensure the management of smoke detectors. If you already employed a security guard like Sheriff Deputies, you just might not have to worry about employing a fire service operative, Sheriff Deputies guards already have the requisite skill to safely test your smoke detectors.

Like many electrical gadgets, smoke alarms wear out after using for about 10 years.

To keep your fire detection framework functional, replace your smoke alarms at regular intervals. Standard models don’t cost a lot, so it merits putting resources into shrewd smoke alerts with a couple of additional highlights when you make the following huge substitution.


2. Watch your electrical appliances

Appliances like gas cookers, hot plates, heaters and washing machines make daily life a lot easier, but they can also pose a fire hazard. A recent report has shown that 40% of house fire starts in the kitchen.

To prevent fire in the kitchen, ensure that your gas cylinder is nowhere near the cooker, it’s a lot safer to have it outside the kitchen, have its place somewhere with enough air.

Gas cylinders should be replaced if you discover a gas leak, don’t try to repair your cylinder, replace instantly!

When it’s time to cook, make sure your oven, stove, and any hot plates are far away from flammable items like plastics, curtains, rags, or other chemicals. And Keep a B-Class dry chemical fire extinguisher somewhere in the kitchen in case of emergencies.

The walkway and the electricity change-over area are also good spot to have your fire extinguisher.


3. Practice Good Electrical Safety

Look for exposed live wires, check to see if there are surge marks in wire, and damaged electric cords. If you see any exposed wires, unplug the electronic and replace it before the next use.

All cords and electric fittings should be away from furniture and rugs. Running cords under carpet and rugs is dangerous.

Avoid overloading extension cords or crowding them into one socket, because some of these cords might not have the capacity to handle the electric current that is being passed through them. When there is too much pressure on these can cause electrical cables to start burning.

The Balogun market, the biggest textile market in Lagos have experienced several fire outbreaks, most of which have been caused by the aforementioned.


4. Avoid Smoking Indoor

Smokers are liable to die young – that’s one of the advice by a major cigarette manufacturer in Nigeria. But if you are an active smoker we advise that you do it safely.

You know what can happen if you smoke at a filling station, the effect will be destructive.

Furthermore, places where petroleum products are sold usually have signage that warns against smoking. Other places where anti-smoke signage must be placed are airports, markets, sawmills, factories, schools, halls, and the kitchen.

If you must smoke stay at least 25 feet from the nearest door and keep a place to dispose of your cigarette butts like an ashtray or smokers’ pole.


5. Be Cautious with Candles

Although the incidence of fire accidents caused by candle has vastly reduced due to the availability of rechargeable lamps. However, candles are still being used for other purposes, like romantic dinners and spiritual purposes.

While using candles we strongly recommend that you keep them away from flammable items like plastics, carpets, rug, wooden furniture, blankets and curtains. Instead, get fireproof candle holders and set timers so that you will not forget you have a candle on.


Action point

At every step of the way, safety must be top of our priority, the aforementioned measures can save you a lot of money, economic and emotional setback.

Fire disasters happen and it’s impossible to predict when they will happen. However, there are danger signs we should look out for, some of which we have tried to express in this article.

Please stay safe and plan fire safety. As part of the recommendation at most of the free security assessment test we do for businesses and homes, we also suggest where fire safety measures should be deplored.

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