5 Ways to Motivate Your Security Guards in the New Year

5 Ways to Motivate Your Security Guards in the New Year

Motivation is an important factor for productivity, its effect cuts across all works of life. Like every other job, that of the security guard also requires some level of motivation from the Security Company and clients.

At the beginning of every year, resolutions are made, target and goals are set, for a business owner, he or she expects growth for their businesses. In other to achieve some of these goals, several things are done by individuals and group. For a bank, they will look for a way to get more active customers, make the banking environment safer and improve internal duties.

They then devise ways to achieve their goals for the year. For any business who strives for growth, the services of a security guard should be in your priority list if you have not considered it.

5 Ways to Motivate Your Security Guards in the New Year

In this article, we look at ways you can motivate your security guard in the New Year.

  1. Open-ended review of guards on site

Constructive criticism of your guard can spur him or her to do better than they have done in the past year. Your comment shows that you recognise their effort to providing you with security. Whether they perform well or not, the fact that you have something to say shows they are making some difference.

In the case of Sheriff Deputies, a leading private security company in Nigeria, they provide a well-structured questionnaire to clients to appraise the level of their commitment to their duties at sites where they have been stationed.

Whether comments or reviews are good or not, it is expected that the weaknesses and flaws mentioned in the answered questionnaire are turned to strength, while the good comment should not make the guards rest on their oars.

  1. Recognition awards

Security guards who have performed extraordinarily during an outgoing year should be recognised for their professional conduct. It will inspire others to become more active at assigned locations.

When you give your security guards a reason to commit their totality into protection you or your client, you have improved your security by a notch. Let take an instance of a football team goes into a tournament to win, the fact that there is a prize or trophy to be won will give them an extra motivation to try and win the tournament.

If your security guards know that there is a reward for excellence in service, you can expect better security service.

At Sheriff Deputies, we award gallant officers who have distinguished themselves in their duties.

  1. Pay rise as a reward for service

Money is a super motivation; after all, it’s the reward for labour! For a security guard, an increase in pay due to his or her commitment to work can be a morale booster. This gesture will have a ripple effect on the other guards, as they will also put in more work in other to also deserve a salary increase.

If you have contracted a private security guard, you could write to your private security provider and recommend a salary increase to appreciate your guard if you think they deserve such a reward.

  1. Welfare and Pension Scheme Enrollment 

Who rejects an assured future? Having your security guard enrolled for a pension scheme will motivate them to do more. It’s a good way to get them committed and disciplined. This is one of the issues faced by retired force men; they often struggle to adjust to life after retirement. It becomes difficult to hustle to make ends meal.

Special privileges like free meals, health insurance, and gift during festive seasons can serve as a motivation. If your staffs are happy, it becomes difficult for you to have security compromise; you more or less earn their trust.

  1. Training/Refresher courses

A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each security guards need to improve. At Sheriff Deputies, we have developed programs that bring all the security guards to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge.

The idea behind a refresher course is to help reduce any weak links within the company who rely heavily on others to complete basic work tasks.

Advancement in knowledge also help guards discover ways to better manage security if you do the same thing the same way, you could get bored with work, so getting to know that you can do things in a better way with a better result should motivate you to remain in that profession.

This is what also happens when you have your guards retrained and trained, they discover ways to make their jobs a lot easier and safer.


Everyone needs some level of motivation, whether you get it from your passion for success, family members or boss at work.

We believe this article has helped you understand better, the effect of motivation on your security personnel. At Sheriff Deputies we remain committed to securing your lives and properties, trusting us with your office and home security will be one of the best decisions you are taking in the New Year.

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