The Changing Role of the Private Security Guards during the COVID19 Pandemic in Nigeria

The Changing Role of the Private Security Guards during the COVID19 Pandemic in Nigeria

Coronavirus pandemic has no doubt disrupted critical sectors of the economy. Many have had to halt their plans for events, business, school, and other projects. The year 2020, would go as year most people would not want to remember for obvious reason. For it worth our life is most important, so long as there is life, there is hope!


So, as the world awaits the discovery and approval of a vaccine for covid19, it is expedient that we keep to the guidelines and measure given by health authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Since the covid19 pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation the role of private security guards have experienced a drastic change, from planning the logistics and security for the critical care units for treating patients with coronavirus to performing free local patrols to client premises during the lockdown to assist the elderly, vulnerable or ‘at risk’ individuals who are unable to leave their homes, security companies of all sizes are stepping up to the challenge.


Much of the success achieved by the health personnel is due to the collaborative efforts of the security guards.


The Changing Role of the Private Security Guards during the COVID19 Pandemic in Nigeria


In this article, we look at the critical roles Sheriff Deputies guards are playing during the covid19 pandemic.


  •       Security Guards at Shopping Centres


On 4th of March, the Federal Government of Nigeria began the easing of the total lockdown of Lagos State, Ogun State and FCT, Abuja. This announcement allowed markets, banks and other non-essential service providers to resume to their place of work with some precautionary measures.


In a few short weeks, security guards can be seen spending more time outside the shopping centres. With the aid of a hand thermometer, they check shoppers’ body temperature, limit the number of people who can enter a shop at a time, and ensure social/physical distancing is maintained in stores.


Until Covid19, security guards at shopping or retail centres focus was the prevention of loss and safety of an employee, although it’s still is, just not its sole focus, there is so more work to be done.


  •       Security Guards in Banks


The banks are another place where the presence of the security guards has proven to be more beneficial. Recall that the Federal Government had also given a green light for banks to resume. Although not all bank branches resumed, for few who opened for business, security guards were task with crowd control within the bank premises and maintenance of social distancing.


Upon entering the bank, customers and employees were also subjected to routine temperature test and use of the hand sanitizers – all these were done in other to keep the bank healthy and safe for everyone while banking.


Before the coronavirus pandemic, security guards in banks are known for greeting customers, manning entrances, maintaining order and monitoring activities within the bank.


  •       Public Sensitization


Sheriff Deputies through her various social platforms have engaged it, subscribers and followers, on tips and measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in Nigeria. The company adjudged to be the most equipped private security company in Nigeria have also provided its officers with the face mask and hand sanitizers.


At locations where Sheriff Deputies guards are employed, only visitors with face mask are allowed entry, while others without a face mask are advised to get them.


Sensitization of the public against coronavirus or any other disease had never been a part of the scope of the security guards, but being an agent for maintaining law and order, it is only expedient that this task is assigned to security guards.



In conclusion, whilst security guards may not be recognised as often as frontline heroes like the medical personnel working in the NCDC, security guards in Nigeria are key workers, working behind the scenes to support critical Nigeria infrastructure.


There has been a gradual easing of lockdown some of the countries hit with coronavirus, which is a piece of good news. Also, Wuhan, the city in China where the coronavirus index case was reported has already returned to normalcy, schools and businesses have re-opened and all sporting activities have resumed.


This testimonial goes to show that coronavirus can also be a thing of the past in Nigeria if we take all the necessary precautions given by the National Centre for Disease Control and the Federal Ministry of Health. Follow @NCDCgov on Twitter for updates on coronavirus.


Please don’t forget to recognise these outstanding women and men and the crucial work they are doing to keep everyone safe and secure.