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Our unique brand is expressed in our Training, Unique Kitting, and Accoutrements (weapons and equipment)


All our personnel have undergone various rigorous training on most of the training modules listed below;

  • Martial arts
  • Armed and unarmed combat techniques
  • Endurance training
  • Surveillance and investigation techniques
  • Search duties
  • Fire fighting
  • First aid management
  • Access control
  • Electronic security
  • Computer/relevant IT training


Chinos materials, tough, rugged, durable and comfortable

Dark Grey

Serious appearance yet not boisterous or offensive
Effective blend with the environment during high-security operations

ACCOUTREMENTS (Weapons and Equipment)

Stun Guns:

  • Galactic Defenders (Titan KXLF) five-in-one high voltage stun gun
  • Titan LP high stretchable stun gun with high pitch alarm and gas sprayer
  • Titan M5 three-in-one high voltage stretchable stun gun
  • Titan KSL high voltage truncheon with siren alarm
  • Titan-KL super high voltage truncheon with siren alarm

Combat support:

  • Pepper spray (Body Guard 007-60) 3% oleoresin capsicum 3% mustard 94% HFC R-134G. high-pressure aerosol can
  • American Type Synthetic Baton (PR 24). Heavier than wood and ligther than iron.


  • Cutlasses
  • Draggers
  • Slings

Stop and Search gadgets:

  • Hand-held metal detector
  • Delivery pin-point accuracy without physical contact
  • Bomb/explosives detector.

Communication gadgets:

  • Walkie-Talkie
  • GSM phones
  • Cameras/video phones
  • Alert mate
  • 130 BD sonic personal protection alarm

Canine -(K9):

Guard dogs that have been trained on:

  • Instructions
  • Attack
  • Recovery
  • Detection
  • Endurance


  • Whistles: stainless and solid; signal toning
  • Binoculars: long distance viewing; surveillance/wreckie
  • Recording materials


  • Patrol vans and cars fitted with radio communication equipment, amber light, and multi-siren system
  • Power bikes fitted with light and radio communication equipment
  • Heavy-duty buses branded and fitted with radio communication system


All duties are assigned to each of the above mentioned. In the event that additional security and communications equipment would be required, the client would be notified

We shall keep updating our armoury with the latest security weapons system and equipment

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