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Our Process

At Sheriff Deputies, drawn from our years of experience working across diverse industries, we have innovatively created these 7 Laws of Security that our guards professionally abide by.

The Law of Vigilance

Our security guards are always on the alert to detect, deter, and deny
criminal activities.

The Law of Physical Fitness

Our security guards are physically fit to respond with agility in the face of danger, threats and criminal attacks.

The Law of Confidentiality

Our security guards are careful not to speak about anything that are private, secret or confidential to our clients.

The Law of Interrogation

Our security guards know how to ask the right questions to assess guests/visitors and gather security intelligence.

The Law of Discipline

Our security guards always maintain a professional conduct while on duty.

The Law of Protocol

Our security guards always follow laid down security policies and procedures peculiar to each of our clients.

The Law of Responsibility

Our security guards always take the protection of the lives and properties of our clients as the main priority.


Our troop comprises of the following squads professionally assembled to ensure the protection of lives and properties:

The Platinum Squad
  • Made up of university graduates or equivalent
  • Possess requisite training experience on the job
  • Aged between 25 and 35 years
  • Of excellent physical, psychological and mental conditions


Investigations, detection, protocols functions, personal assistance to CEO’s, security officers and location commanders

The Golden squad
  • Made up of well-trained University graduates without previous experience
  • Aged between 25 and 35 years
  • Of excellent physical, psychological and mental conditions


Trained and assigned to work as senior guards and supervisors

The Silver Squad
  • Made up of school certificate holders or equivalent
  • Aged between 24 and 35 years
  • Of excellent physical conditions, smart and responsive


Trained and assigned to general guards duties

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