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Our industrial private security guards for hire services is world-class. We utilize industry-leading security solutions in intrusion detection and burglar alarms, commercial access control systems, video surveillance and analytics, fire and life safety systems for industrial loss prevention solutions, along with technology integration to provide streamlined management of your security operations. We deliver improved site security through situational awareness and early detection.

Our industrial private security guards for hire services include:

  • Premise/Estate Surveillance and Patrol
  • Protocol Services
  • Manned Guarding Services
  • Fire Regulation Enforcement


Here at Sheriff Deputies, our premise/estate surveillance and patrol services are deployed through;

Non-mobile patrol (surveillance):

In addition to our personnel and process, we deploy latest security surveillance technologies to effectively provide surveillance and continuous observation for an entire complex or estate.

Our security process consists of different measures and it is based on three pillars which includes;

  • Securing the perimeter of the estate
  • Controlling the access and exit to and from the secured area
  • Instituting, implementing and maintaining effective processes.


Mobile Patrol:

We deploy both foot and vehicle patrols to cover every nook and cranny of your premises/estates that are inaccessible through non-mobile surveillance.

Our protocol personnel possesses good communication skills, observes behavioral etiquette and vigilance to ensure that the guest in their custody is protected against any form of harm or violence.

To ensure the safety of the valued personnel/property under our custody, our security guards ensure;

  • The premises and property they are guarding are protected against a variety of natural and man-made threats.
  • They prevent, detect and react appropriately to any form of criminal and quasi-criminal actions against the property of the client.
  • They provide access control to the premises.

Sheriff Deputies protects your premises, lives and properties against fire outbreaks by making sure our clients comply with basic fire safety policies and regulations.

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