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Staff Verification Services

The Staffing services we provide for organisations include; Drivers, Secretaries, and Covert operations staff who perform their duties without bias or compromise while maintaining absolute loyalty to their boss. These personnel have been equipped with security intelligence and safety skills. They take on their job roles with additional vigilance and observation, which are above the competence of an average person performing such functions.

Sheriff Deputies provides Staffing Services in the following areas:

  • Drivers
  • Secretaries
  • Covert Operations Staff for Selected Clients


The category of drivers we out-source to individuals and organisations are well trained with basic security consciousness. They are not just individuals with basic driving experience but well equipped with security intelligence and safety skills.



The category of secretaries we out-source to organizations does not perform only secretarial functions but support their role with security-watch and observation. This is because of their training and capacity building on being security conscious.



We also have specially trained private security professionals that can be employed by clients and organisations to undertake any form of covert operations without bias and compromise.

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