5 Security Risk-Prone Areas and How to Maintain Security

5 Security Risk-Prone Areas and How to Maintain Security

Security is a subject we can’t but discuss every day. When you leave your house for work or any other destination; we instinctively take a moment to lock the doors. Some of us even come back after walking some metres away from the door to double check if it was indeed locked!

This consciousness is probably due to the Nigerian factor, many of us grew up with the mentality of security. As in, keeping your things safe at all times. In the primary and secondary school, we inscribe names on pens and textbooks, and were mandated to use locks for lockers.

All these habits accumulated to us being security conscious from a tender age. Can we then say this has stopped crimes from being perpetuated? Crime will always find its way if one does not take measures to curb it. No thanks to the increased population and idleness of some people who resort to committing crime at the expense of others.

Barring any incapacitation, we often move from one part of our homes for other places. Crime is no respecter of location, crime could actually happen anywhere. Should we then say movements should be totally restricted? No, we are just implying that you be more cautious.

5 Security Risk-Prone Areas and How to Maintain Security

Just 5 areas are highlighted here, do well to check the 4th security prone area highlighted (we go there almost every day).

  1. Bus Terminals & Bus stops

Bus terminals and bus stops are one of the busiest of places for obvious reasons. Criminals look to exploit places where you have a large gathering of people. Bag snatching, pick pocketing are just two of the many crimes that are committed in places like this.

Avoid a crowded area, and be conscious of your immediate environment. More so, don’t leave your bag exposed, zip off or tie bags properly, you should be safer doing this.

If for any reason a fight breaks out at a bus terminal do well to move away from the crowd and don’t try to be the mediator because your generosity could be exploited by a pickpocket. If you must help, call any law enforcement officer you find around to dislodge the crowd or stop the fight.

  1. Main Entrances

All entry and exit points are security risk-prone areas. Whether it’s the home, office, sports complex, shopping malls, banks or other public spaces.

If someone is to commit a crime, they have to first get access to the building, before other things. So if you are able to manage security at the entry and exit points, then you are assured your entrance is safe.

Through the expertise of private security companies like Sheriff Deputies who provides manned guards to secure main entrances of Homes, Offices, Estate, Shopping malls and other public places.

Security becomes more assured if it is managed by a professional. For an office complex, it is expected that you lock the office when you are done for the day. So what then happens when it’s during the working hours?

You will need the manned guards because you can’t have your office locked during that time. It can be a distraction to come unlock your office doors when your guest comes knocking.

  1. Traffic Gridlocks

Traffic gridlocks happen everywhere, but not as frequent in some places in Nigeria. Traffic gridlocks could be caused by an accident or a bad road, whatever the reason is; situations like this can pose a major security threat to road users.

Security must be proactive rather than reactive, don’t wait till you are faced before taking action. The following are things you can do to maintain security in the traffic.

  • Make sure the car doors are locked.
  • Don’t attract undue attention.
  • Don’t patronise traffic hawkers.
  • Keep valuables away, away from the window, to avoid a ‘pick and run’.
  • Play music in a moderate volume; don’t be too loud, it’s not a party!

Much of your security is in your hands, if you can put these tips to use, then you should be fine, driving or travelling.

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  1. ATMs

Cash points are also security risk-prone areas. These are places where you have the Automated Teller Machine (ATMs), especially if the ATM is not located within the bank premises.

While trying to make a transaction at the ATM make sure there is a good distance between you and the person standing next to you. This way you won’t have to bother about someone looking over your shoulders as you use your ATM card.

Should you require the assistance of someone at the ATM, call the security guard closest to you, you don’t want to reveal your ATM card pin to the wrong person.

Avoid a poorly illuminated ATM point; it’s not a safe place to be, especially at night.

  1. Dark Hours

Walking at night is something some of us can’t do without, especially if you live and work in a busy state like Lagos. More crime is committed at night. Assuming you can’t do without returning home late in the night; avoid streets without illumination/security light.

Having a flashlight with you at all times wouldn’t be a bad idea; don’t just assume the street will be lit.

Kudos must go to communities who have their streets lighted; it not only makes the area look fine but also serves as a security light.

Avoid the temptation of travelling very early or shortly before sunset. Most transit crime occurs during this period.

The uncertainty that comes with travelling at night is too much to risk. It’s easier for security operatives to respond to a distress call in the day time. No thanks to the shortage of personnel in the Nigerian Police Force.

If you can afford the services of a security escort for your night travels, please do. If not avoid travelling went it is dark.

Action Point

In this article, we have basically highlighted the most vulnerable security risk-prone areas, do well to share these with friends and family, this gesture can save lives.

At Sheriff Deputies, your security is our business, whether office, personal or home security, we have trained personnel always available to provide you with the level of security you desire.

We hope these tips will be of help someday, remember, security is proactive, don’t wait until you are a victim.

Feel free to send us feedback, we always love hearing from you!