KIDNAPPING IN NIGERIA: 6 Ways to Avoid Being A Victim!


The increase in the rate of kidnapping in Nigeria is something that should be a cause for concern to every one of us. Kidnapping in Nigeria have never been this popular, because very few cases of kidnapping had been reported in the past.

But in recent years; both young and old have been victims; others have had the gruesome experience of loosing loved ones to these kidnappers. You will recall a certain Mr. Evans who was arrested for being a mastermind of several cases of kidnap. His arrest was thought to be the end of kidnapping in some part of the country, unfortunately that was not the case. Other criminals have since emerged.

The issue of kidnapping is now everybody’s business, it could happen to anyone. At Sheriff Deputies our duty is to ensure you are safe at all times, that’s why aside from the effort of our security guards at your homes and offices, we also share security tips for your everyday living.

KIDNAPPING IN NIGERIA: 6 Ways to Avoid Being A Victim!

Today, we are sharing probably the most important security tips you must know, especially with the negative effect kidnapping have done to the safety, and peace of our country Nigeria.

  1. Keep Your Financial Transactions Confidential

Kidnappers are known to take people forcefully in order to demand for a ransom. They give conditions for the release of their captures, sending panic to the family and friends of the victims.

Research shows that 7 out of 10 kidnappers always request that money be paid for the release of kidnap victims. These demands are mostly made because they believe the victims have the money at their disposal; so they basically target people who either have access to a large sum of money or are rich.

The most logical way to avoid these unnecessary attentions is not to reveal your financial history to anyone! Vital information like your bank statement of account should not be handled carelessly.

If you must have printed copies of your financial transactions, make sure you have a secured safe to keep them. Also discussing money matters on phone is not the safest thing to do, especially when you are in a public place.

Be guided!

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  1. Avoid Driving High Value Cars At Night

High value cars are very easy to identify, so if you have one, make sure you aren’t driving late in the night. Kidnappers are selective in their choice of victims. They target people they assume can afford the ransom they are asking for.

Once they are able to ascertain that an individual is rich enough to own the high-value cars they quickly swing into action to kidnap. You will hardly find adoption cases happening in broad day light. We are most venerable to this kind of attack at night.

Are we saying you should not buy high value cars? No! We are simply saying you shouldn’t drive that high value car of yours are night, it’s a lot safer for you. The exotic cars can attract undue attention.

  1. Avoid Money Related Dispute

The love of money they say is the root of all evil. Sure some of you agree that money can be a cause for concern.

Kidnap cases can be politically motivated. We cannot ignore the fact that disputes are part of our day to day interaction. Disputes should be amicably resolved, don’t allow a dispute degenerate to a level of ‘live and death’. Employ the service of a lawyer where necessary.

Some people can go to any length to ensure that their selfish desires are fulfilled, when buying a land, make sure you posses it legally and avoid cutting corners. It’s a lot saver to avoid any form of scandal.

Kidnapping is a way these criminals/individual use in getting what they want forcefully, don’t give them that option!

  1. Avoid Flaunting a Luxury Lifestyle

The social media has its good, bad and ugly. It is an interactive platform where you can share personal pictures for your friends and follower to like or comment.

While sharing pictures from your daily activities make sure you are not flaunting that luxury lifestyle. When it comes to the cases of kidnapping, informants are usually people who have access to your personal information. It is difficult to filter friends you have on social media, because you there are really no way you can know what is playing in the minds of your social media followers.

If you can’t but flaunt your luxury, do well to get yourself professional security guards as escorts. The problem with getting ordinary guards is that, they could be compromised; professional security guards are trained to be confidential.

  1. Carefully select domestic staffs, artisans and individuals who have access to your itinerary

Having mentioned social media, other possible informant for a potential case of kidnapping are the people we let into our homes and offices.

You should be selective with the kind of people you employ as domestic staffs. Conduct a background check on people who want to work with you. You also need to see to the fact that you vet their credentials.

If you have not been asking for a guarantor from your staffs, its time you start doing that and verify every details, even the addresses! You don’t want to employ someone who has a criminal record.

Contacting us for your manned guards would be a good idea for your domestic staff, and we also carry out staff verification services for background cheques. There are some government registered bodies that can help you provide domestic staffs with a good track record.

  1. Watch Out For Trails

Two car parts are very important when we are discussing trails; the rear mirror and side mirror. These two vehicle parts helps the driver of a car, identify suspected trails.

Do well to check these two mirrors at regular interval while driving, so as to spot possible cars that could have been driven by suspected kidnappers. If you suspect you are being trailed, look for the closest police station you can locate and report.

Let’s assume you don’t know the closest police station close to you, make use of the Google App on your phone. Yes! Technology has advanced to a point where your map can lead you to the safest point (police station); the police mobile hotline could be reached as well.

For us at Sheriff Deputies, it is our duty to help you avoid any security issues, trust this will help you to be more vigilant when driving.

Trails are also not limited to cars, people can also be followed. While walking, do well to check behind you for any strange person who could have been following you.

Action point

We like to encourage you to commit all that have been highlighted to heart. Share with friends and family, talk about it and inform as many people as possible. These 6 tips for avoid kidnapping in Nigeria can help save lives.

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We appreciate you for reading through this article, as always, your contributions are welcome, use the comment box below to share your thoughts with us.