5 Reasons Why Professional Security Guards Are Needed At Construction Sites


In this article, we are going to be looking at other places where security guards are needed; such as construction sites. If you are looking at completing a building project in record time, the security guard is one factor you must consider.

It is important that you get properly trained security guards because guarding a construction site is not the same as guarding a bank building, the approach is different.

Security measures around a construction site are designed by the security guards because they usually understand the terrain better. This way they can know how many security guards are needed to adequately guard your construction site – their job is to strategically fix security in the weak areas of construction sites.

Read through this article and you will understand better the reasons why security guards are important at construction sites.


5 Reasons Why Professional Security Guards Are Needed At Construction Sites

  1. Security Guard Can Prevent Kidnap

Expatriates working with Construction Company are prone to kidnap, criminals see them as a high target because they believe they can get more money in ransom.

In the case of kidnap, the best thing is to prevent the criminals from gaining access to the construction site; one must not allow anyone without security clearance to gain entrance. The duty of a security guard in a construction site is to ensure that this security procedure is followed to the letter.

  1. Security Guards Prevent Construction Site Thefts

Bulk buying of building materials is something you will always find in major construction sites. The irons, cement and blocks and planks are usually bought in bulk. And because these building materials are gotten in bulk the construction engineers/bricklayer might not use up all the materials that were bought in a day or two – leaving behind some to be used another time.

Unused materials are kept under locks and keys to prevent theft, but this is not enough to safeguard your construction site. This is because the temporary warehouse made to house these pieces of equipment is not made with the strongest of materials, usually made with planks or zinc.

Unless guarded by a security guard, criminals can gain access even with the temporary warehouse under locks and keys.

Having a security guard on-site gives you more assured security, rather than ‘trusting a padlock or zinc’ for securing your construction sites. When construction materials are stolen, construction work will stall and you would have to spend more to buy new materials bearing in mind the increasing cost of building materials.

  1. Unauthorized Access Enforcement

Safety is regarded as the first and most important part of engineering. Security guards ensure that only persons with the recommended gears gain access to construction sites. They ensure that all the personnel on-site can be identified and accounted for.

Not having a security guard at construction sites gives opportunities to individuals who might necessarily not steal something from the site but gain access not minding the construction hazards they are exposing themselves to. They more or less prevent accidents at construction sites.

Construction companies who use security guards at the construction site are usually perceived as professionals. They understand the adverse implication accidents could have in the way their client or prospect sees them.

Before construction it is expected that a security risk assessment is done, this simple but technical check can help you save lives and property at your construction sites.

  1. Security Guards Wades Off Trespassers

One of the issues you will have to deal with if you don’t get security guard is people coming to your construction site without permission. These set of people gain access to the construction site to exploit contractors for money and disrupt the flow of work.

The sight of security guards can discourage trespassers; security guards ensure that the fences are not broken and if broken, the guard can quickly notify appropriate quarters for the mending of the fence.

Having guards at your construction sites give you peace of mind, you don’t worry about someone coming to steal your building materials or preventing construction workers from doing their jobs.

  1. Security Guards Help With Construction Inventory Management

Construction sites where highly valuable building materials are used should consider employing security personnel to monitor and protect the materials in the storage areas.

It is more economical to get the services of private security guards rather than hiring just anyone you find around, you can take advantage of the experience of the trained security guards. They have been trained in basis inventory auditing skills – you have someone responsible for the materials you have on-site. Should there be any irregularities the security company takes responsibility; with this you more or less have your construction assured.

The neutrality of private security guards also makes the services of private security guards a good one because they are not answerable to you, but their commandants. They don’t take sides which make it difficult for anyone to compromise standard.

The job of security guards at your construction sites is to make sure your properties are safe and that is exactly what they will do. Unless ordered by superior commandant to do other things, we are sure you don’t want to keep replacing stolen building materials.


Trust this article have helped you to see reasons why the services of a private security guard can be of benefit to you on construction sites? Peradventure you already have an ongoing construction project, getting a professional security guard can save you some headaches.

In this article, we mention just 5 reasons why you should get a professional security guard, contact us for a free security risk assessment. We have professionals who would advise you on the best action to take in having a more secure construction site.

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