The Visible Impacts of Private Security Guards on Nigeria’s Economy

The 4 Visible Impacts of Private Security Guards on Nigeria’s Economy

Taking the initiative to employ the service of a security guard is in itself a proactive step to prevent any security issue. A security guard must ensure that your security is not compromised. If for some reason it is compromised, your first suspect or witness would be your security guard. Even the police in the course of their investigation would have to question the guard on duty. So, the job of a security guard is such that we cannot just take with levity.

It is an open secret that the Nigerian Police Force is short of personnel bearing in mind the population of Nigeria. The United Nation recommended figure of a police-to-citizen ratio is 1 to 400; a number the Nigerian Police is yet to comply with.

The institution of private security guard has helped to bridge the gap between the police and the citizens. We now have private security guards assigned to work as manned guards at malls, schools, hospitals, and other security prone areas.

The 4 Visible Impacts of Private Security Guards on Nigeria’s Economy

Considering all these far reaching impacts of security guards, in this article we will like to further explore the benefit of security guards on the Nigerian economy.

  1. Safer Shopping Mall

Shopping in Nigeria have taken a different dimension, the market space has added a creative edge to the way business should be run. Walking down a shopping mall, you can count at least 10 multinational brands all having space/stand where they run their businesses.

Businesses and customers have found it more convenient to shop in malls because they know they can most likely get everything they need all in one place. Some shoppers agree that the stress of having to carry big shopping bags from one location to the other is the reason they prefer to shop there.

Another factor that influences the huge patronage at the shopping mall is the feeling of safety shoppers experience when they go shopping. They don’t have to look over their shoulders every time – something you will have to do if you buy from an open market.

Major shopping malls and modern markets have surveillance camera installed at strategic areas (parking lots, entrance and exit). These cameras are monitored 24/7 by security guards for prompt detection of suspicious movement.

Businesses are safer and customers are more assured to shop freely courtesy the efforts of security guards. On a macro scale, Nigeria’s economy has improved to a very large extent; more internally generated revenue for the government through VAT; all these wouldn’t have been possible if the malls weren’t safe to shop.

  1. Safer Working Environment

Show us a great working environment, and we will show you security have played a big part in making the company function effectively. Giving the number of active policemen in Nigeria, it would have been a herculean task for the police to effectively keep us safe.

In previous articles, we highlighted some tips for a safe working environment; virtually every business process requires some level of security and confidentiality. The presence of a security guard has made staffs worry less about the kind of people that gain entrance to the company vicinity.

It is the job of the security guards to conduct a search on everyone for any suspicious item. They have also helped to ensure that only authorised individuals (even staffs) have access to restricted areas in the company complex.

Businesses can go to bed with their eyes closed; business owners don’t have reasons to lose sleep because of the fear of their offices being bugled. If for some reasons business premises are bugled it is easier for the police to carry out investigations and eventually apprehend the criminals.

Recent research shows that employees perform better in a safe and secure environment. We all know what happens when there is unrest in a particular place; business virtually paralyzes, no one dare works in a troubled area. Who better restores the confidence of business owners to open shop for business again after experiencing a security glitch if not the security personnel?

At Sheriff Deputies, our officers are trained in the most professional way to restore calm and confidence in a working environment. Little wonder we are adjudged to be the most equipped private security company in Nigeria.

We are equipped with the required tool to manage security issues experienced by our clients. However, we are not licensed to use a lethal weapon, as the Nigerian Civil Defence act that regulates private security service does not allow for the use of lethal weapons.

  1. Improved Home Security

30 years ago, people with little or no experience in security management are employed to man gates of residences. At that time, only the elite could afford the service of mobile police officers to help guard their houses.

Due to the inexperience of these ‘untrained guards’, the incidence of armed robbery had been on a constant increase. But in due time, more men and women began to get trained on how to effectively provide security in the most civil way.

Landlords now find it convenient to employ private security guards for their homes/estates security because they don’t have to worry about doing an integrity test or guarantors for individuals applying to work as guards. The private security company does all the vetting before assigning guards to homes and offices.

At Sheriff Deputies, we ensure our personnel are properly vetted; we go as far as checking for any possible criminal records. We are also quick to apply disciplinary measures to any officer found guilty of violating set standards.

These efforts have helped to keep our homes safer, little wonder many people are migrating to housing estates. Very few estates use untrained men or women as guards; they simply consult security company for trained security officers.

You can contact us to conduct a free security risk assessment in your area; we will gladly recommend a possible solution if there’s a need to beef up security within your environment.

  1. Safer Banking Experience

The biggest beneficiaries of the services of private security guards are the banks. The importance of the banking institution needs no introduction. We all know what could happen if one gets caught up in a robbery incidence, some don’t live to tell the story.

Aside from that cool feeling you get from entering a banking hall, the sight of seeing a uniformed security guard at strategic areas inside the bank gives us that sense of safety. You feel you are in the right place. Technology has also played its part in aiding the job of security guards.

One can say 100% of the commercial banks in Nigeria all have surveillance cameras being monitored 24/7 by security guards. Further making it difficult for armed robbers to commit their heinous crimes.

Before we had the private security guards, very few bank branches existed because authorities couldn’t guarantee the safety and security of the banks and its customers. Which at that time was understandable due to the shortage of security personnel.

Fast forward to the year 2019, just 1 bank alone can have over 5,000 bank branches all over Nigeria without having to worry about security. Customer can now go about their banking services in any of their preferred branches, no branch is less save than another branch.


Much has been said about the Police and the Army; many of the successes of these armed forces have been aided by the use of lethal weapons. But you will not find live ammunition with private security guards on duty, how then have they been able to effectively carry out their tasks?

Our officers are trained on how to ensure security in the most civil way; we are trained in the use of non-lethal weapons like batons, stun guns and so on. You don’t want to underestimate a Sheriff Deputies officer. As long as you obey set down rules you wouldn’t have any issues with an officer on duty.

Tell us, how the efforts of security guards have helped security in your local community or offices. We always love your feedback, please keep them coming. Stay safe!