Ever wondered why wondered why housing estates are usually manned by trained security agents? Or why do employers of security guards decide to acquire the services of a security company or security guards? Or why do car owners decide to install the security lock system? Or even why an Okada rider would lock his bike?

The obvious reason in all the scenarios mentioned above would be the fear and prevention of theft. To some, it cost a fortune to acquire an asset (house, car and other valuables), while others can afford to lose some part of their wealth without having to worry about theft.

Anyhow you want to look at it, a loss of property or asset is not palatable. Every asset should be protected regardless of its size, cost nor importance. In this article, we will share with you 6 areas where well-trained security guards are needed for the safety of lives and properties.

EVERYDAY SECURITY: 6 Critical Places Where Security Guards Are Needed

In this article, we will share with you 6 critical places where well-trained security guards are needed for the safety of lives and properties.

1) Housing Estates and other residential buildings:

One of the critical places where security guards are needed is housing estates. You don’t just get a man with huge muscles, or one with a deep voice and scary face to man the gates, you need a well-trained security personnel.

Housing estates remain one of the most expensive neighbourhoods to live in, especially when such estates are located in a cosmopolitan state like Lagos. Guarding of the main access gate is very important because a lazy approach in controlling movement in the estates could have a negative impact on the occupants of the estate. It will be difficult to foil an on-going robbery attack within the estate if adequate attention is not given to security because the houses are usually designed in form of flats and duplexes.

This is why a security company is the best solution for housing estates as the security company would have equipped the guards with uniforms and basic equipment like metal detectors, radio, and patrol vans to roam the estates. A lot of times the security guards also have log books which are used to record the basic details of visitors. So when you are renting an apartment in an estate, be sure there is a security guard somewhere.

2) Worship Centres:

Knowing how religious a country like Nigeria is; security in mosques and churches are not to be taken with levity either. A lot of people troop to the worship centres every day, some with the intention of stealing. Also, the security of the assets in the mentioned worship centres should not be undermined. The services of a trained professional would save you a lot of ‘police report writing’.

Trained security personnel would not guard a worship centre the way he or she guards a housing estate. The techniques are just different; this is one benefit a security company would offer. When it comes to a case of stop and search, a trained security guard is just what you need. Perhaps this is just the right time to contact a trusted security service provider.

3) Banks:

Banks are probably the most critical place where security guards are needed. For obvious reasons, banks are the store houses of money. And you know what they say, everyone wants money!

This makes banks a high target for armed robbers who plan to steal the money. Though money kept in banks are usually insured, but what about the life and properties of the customers at the time of robbery?

The safety of customer’s lives makes banks one of the critical places where security guards are needed. As a result, only trained security personnel would fit this job. So do well to find out what security company has the technical skill to man the exit and entrance of your bank.

4) Event Centres:

Talk about one of the most thriving business ventures in real estate. Lots of occasions are held at various event centres. Though event centres vary in sizes and structure, a common feature of this entire event venue is that many people gather for fashion shows, weddings, burial, meetings and musical concerts.

The frequent convergence of people at event centres makes it one of the critical places where security guards are needed. Security at event centres should be detailed and handled by trained professional security guards because guests could be exposed to robbery, kidnap, and other unforeseen dangers.

Also, security guards do help out with crowd control, and you don’t want a stampede at your event, do you? That’s why when planning your next event, be sure to sort out event security even before printing your invites!

5) Shopping Malls:

Retail theft is a common lamentation of major business owners in shopping malls. Having a CCTV camera is never enough; you need a detective, someone to monitor the live camera recordings.

Like the event centre the mall also gets a large number of people shopping, these people need protection while in shopping mall. Because of this, your security guards should be outsourced to a reputable security company, as they operate using the latest local and international security best practices.

6) Medical Centres:

Medical centres are another critical place where security guards are needed. As much as we know that medical centres are meant to take care of the sick, some visitors come in with ulterior motives. Don’t be deceived and think that only the sick are found in hospitals or clinics. Criminals also fall sick and their criminal friends can also come to visit them.

Hence a basic need for a health clinic is to ensure professional security guards are stationed in strategic areas in the medical centre to prevent robbery and other illegal activity.

Your Turn

We have looked at 6 critical places where security guards are needed. They are; housing estates, hospitals, malls, worship and events centres. Should you have more places where trained security guards are needed, kindly share with us, we would like to hear from you.

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