4 Reasons Why Advice from Security Guards are often ignored

4 Reasons Why Advice from Security Guards are often ignored

It is common law in Physics that there is no action without an opposite reaction, this is a natural phenomenon as well, and it will remain that for as long as the world exists at least.

The set of individuals called ‘security guards’ also came to be because some groups of people came together realizing they needed someone to keep watch while they are gone doing other things.

The profession, Security Guard, is often downplayed, they rarely make the news, they are seen as oppressors rather than benefactors, and it will be hard to find 2 out of 10 young Nigerians wanting to become a professional security guard or 3 out 15 people who will choose security guard as their preferred profession.

To be a security guard is not rocket science, it is beyond standing by the door for hours, there is a lot of effort put into their training to make them competent to serve diligently at their duty post.

They are taught self-awareness, discipline, loyalty, confidentiality amongst other things. Despite the obvious benefit of security guards and the value, they bring to anyone who employs their services, their opinions on their immediate security are often downplayed. Ironically, when there is a security issue, their office is the first point of call. People want to know why the guards on duty could not do anything to prevent the incident from happening.

4 Reasons Why Advice from Security Guards are often ignored

In this article, we are going to be looking at possible reasons advice from security agencies is rarely adhered to.

  1. Reactive Attitude of the Public

Most people are passive when it comes to security, they don’t do anything unless they’ve been a victim. Community Development Associations struggle to get residents to pay up their security monthly levy because they feel safe already and don’t see the welfare of the security personnel on-site as paramount.

This is particularly the case with Lagos residents, some CDA goes as far as having a special task force assigned to collect this levy from residents.

Don’t wait until you are attacked before acknowledging that you need a security guard. The attitude of waiting for something to happen before doing something must be changed especially when it concerns security, we should be proactive with security issues and not reactive.

A simple security risk assessment of your environment will help your security service provider give you the best advice, and you must take their recommendations.

  1. Expensive Solutions

The results and findings from the security risk assessment might require some financial obligation to fulfill the proffered solution which the organization or the individual might not be able to afford at the time of assessment, hence they don’t take to the advice and then go for a cheaper option which doesn’t always turn out to be the best solution for the concern persons/organizations.

Security solutions must be seen as an investment, rather than liability, your workspace is an investment, your assets are an investment and we should look to ensure that they are well-protected. The pains that come with losing our prized assets can be avoided by taking heed to recommendations from security experts.

  1. Political Bias

Security shouldn’t be politicized. Political sentiment is bound to influence and cloud judgment or reasoning when the proffered solution puts the others in a political divide in a bad light.

When there are political interests, one would be critical of the other, and in the end, there won’t be away, and all these at the expense of the general public. We could have a tragedy on our hands if security advice is not utilized.

Politicians and leaders must allow and give the security organizations to do what is best to safeguard our community and the country at large.

  1. Social Class

 The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics said in the year 2020 that 83Million Nigerians live in poverty, this figure is predicted to have now increased because of the global pandemic.

In terms of security, areas that have more people living above the poverty level seem to turn a listening ear to attempt to beef up security within their neighborhood; they invest in security infrastructures and treat security as a priority compared to those who you can say are within the poverty level.

The reason why this is not the case in areas that have fewer rich people is that they often complain about their inability to afford the kind of security solutions Private security companies suggest after the assessment. Just as we have mentioned in No. 2 above investment in security is important, just like the popular saying, “prevention is better than cure”

Action points

Security Guards and Established security companies are professionals in their field, their advice and solutions shouldn’t be ignored. You cannot buy experience, we can only benefit by gaining from their wealth of knowledge.

If you are having security challenges, the best thing is to inform the security agency to come for a forensic analysis of the crime scene or do a security risk assessment test.

The benefit of having a private security guard should not be understated, they are as important as every department in an organization.