5 Things You Should Know About Community Policing

5 Things You Should Know About Community Policing

A man once said human beings are the most difficult creature to manage. Even though there is 4 main temperament of man, the behavioural pattern of the human being is not entirely the same.

As long as there is a provision of man’s basic amenities and money of course! Many people will want to live for as long as they can. However, the insecurity of lives and property stands as a mitigating factor lives expectation.

Many dreams and hopes have been shattered as a result of untimely deaths caused by murder, armed robbery, fraud, terrorism and so on. While some are able to recover losses, others never get over it.

On the part of the government, their duties are to ensure the protection of lives and properties of it citizen. A government who fails to do this is deemed to have failed in its primary duties to its citizens.

In a bid to providing security to Nigerian, the government enacted acts that enabled the establishment of the police force, army, civil defence and other private security outfits to perform 2 major tasks – security of lives and properties.

Despite the establishment of these security agencies, Nigeria is still be withered with a high crime rate, no thanks to the high rate of unemployment and corruption. So, which way do we go? how can we ensure that the crime rate is reduced to a large extent?

Upon reading this article, we trust you are going to see why effective community policing will help to have a safer Nigeria.


5 Things You Should Know About Community Policing

Community policing is, in essence, a collaboration between the police and the community that identifies and solves community problems. With the police no longer the sole guardians of law and order, all members of the community become active allies in the effort to enhance the safety of their neighborhood.

  1. Reduce domestic violence 

Domestic violence doesn’t start in one day, victims who are able to survive usually mention that they have been experiencing abuse from their attacker for quite some time.

With an effective community policing, we believe domestic violence can be reduced. It encourages members of the community to be their brother’s keeper. It is a typical case of ‘if you see something say something’

This encourages members of the community to report suspected violent conduct within their vicinity to relevant security agencies before it leads to an irreversible consequence.

  1. Promotes unity among community members 

When members of a community come together to devise a solution to a common problem, it helps to breed a healthy relationship between community members. Security is essential for any community, it is always a cause for concern when there is a high incidence of crime, and it negatively affects the economic growth of the community.

Community policing is a collaborative effort, everyone literary watch others back, and it is the typical scenario of being your brother keeper.

  1. Improve Community – Police relationship

The popular motto of the Nigeria Police Force ‘the police is your friend’ is to consciously reorient the general public of the forces resolves to provide adequate security to everyone living in Nigeria.

Through effective community policing, members of the community can get to know the police officers better and the police also get to understand the behaviour of the community. The police become more accessible, it eliminates the usual apathy civilians have towards security personnel.

  1. Curb discrimination and promotes equity

The Police Force was not established to only protect the elites in the society, the police are bound by law to protect the lives and properties of everyone regardless of ethnicity, religious belief or political affiliation.

Community police help to keep the police on their toes, because every member of the community would be able to freely voice their opinion on the security situation of their without been faced with the fear of not being heard by the police.

It helps community members mobilize support and resources to solve problems and enhance their quality of life.

  1. Develop police culture

Community policing helps to increase the security awareness of the members of a community.

Members of the community become more confident to question any stranger loitering around their vicinity.


Final words

Community policing has far-reaching implications. The expanded outlook on crime control and prevention, the new emphasis on making community members active participants in the process of problem-solving, and the patrol officers’ pivotal role in community policing require profound changes within the police organization.

At Sheriff Deputies, we believe the security of lives and properties must be paramount to all sundry. With effective community policing and the collaborative effort of the private security guards, Nigeria can be a safe haven for all its citizens and foreigners.

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