5 Reasons Why Your Security Measures Never Works Out the Way You Plan

5 Reasons Why Your Security Measures Never Works Out the Way You Plan

In this article, we will be sharing possible reasons why your security measures have not worked out the way you have planned it.

For obvious reason, we put security measures in place but we are still having a high rate of robbery and other criminal activities around us. Cars are still being snatched, we still get reports of kidnapping in Nigeria, the bandit and Boko Haram still fomenting attacks in the Northeast and its environs.


5 Reasons Why Your Security Measures Never Works Out the Way You Plan

In previous articles we have shared tips for assured security for home and offices, however many are still finding it difficult to implement some of our recommendations. Now let’s look at the reason why the action plans have not worked out the way you thought it should.


  • You Hired An Unprofessional Security Guard

The job of a security guard goes beyond standing by the door or managing logbook, it’s beyond that! It requires a certain level of paramilitary training.

A well-trained security guard is equipped with skills to manage your security in the best way.  You might have hired a guard who is get easily distracted, or you hired someone who sleeps on duty.

The hallmark of a security guard is his ability to identify possible security risks even before something happens, it’s safe to say professional guards are guardian angels.

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  • You didn’t consult with a security company

Consultancy services in this part of this world are not getting as much patronage compared to developed countries. The same can be said of the security consultancy services. Because a security measure worked for one person or organization does not mean it will work for you or your organization!

At Sheriff Deputies, we will conduct a free security assessment before recommending an action plan. Our report will state whether or not you need to have a security guard on-site or if you just need to get a surveillance camera.

You shouldn’t be spending so much on security and still have security issues. With a security report from a security company like Sheriff Deputies, you get to get more while paying less


  • You didn’t conduct a security risk assessment before implementing security measures

A security risk assessment identifies, assesses, and implements key security controls in applications. A typical security assessment will give you 3 major insights before deciding on the best approach for your security.

– We determine all your critical asset and create a risk profile for each.

– We determine how to effectively and efficiently allocate time and resources towards risk mitigation while taking cognisance threats, vulnerabilities and mitigating controls and enforce security controls for identified risks.

– Since we have the identified risks, we then proffer measures to minimise threats on your assets.

You can liken a security risk assessment to a medical test done to diagnose an ailment, the best thing you can for your personal or business security is to have a security assessment done.

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  • Your security measures are reactive rather than proactive

Don’t wait for a robbery attack before getting strong locks for your doors, don’t wait for your stores to be bulged before hiring a security guard to keep watch at night, don’t wait for a customer to shoplift before installing surveillance, these are proactive measures that can prevent a major security breakdown.


  • You didn’t do enough security orientation

Your security plans might have failed because you didn’t have enough orientation about security, while you are busy getting the best for your business, you should also take some time to understand basic security strategies.

In previous articles we have shared security insights for businesses, you will find them educative.


We do hope this article has answered some of your questions and convinced you to have a second thought about giving up on your security measures? We will be glad to offer our services where possible.