6 Security Gadget for Home and Office Security

6 Security Gadget for Home and Office Security

Gadgets are tools or equipment designed for a specific purpose.  We know it won’t be so difficult for you to mention 3 gadget you use every day, whether in the office or at home.

It’s amazing how much household gadget we buy in this part of the world especially sound systems.

But in reality, we fail to utilize available security gadget to our advantage. Practically 6 out of 10 people living in Lagos State will attest to the craving for the latest household gadgets.

There is a high preference for multimedia gadgets to security gadget. There are several security gadgets that you might find interesting.

Technological advancement has made the home and office security easier to manage and in this article, we are going to share with you top 5 security gadget for your home and office.


  1. Fake TV light

A fake TV light is a crafty little burglar deterrent that projects the impression that the house is occupied, with someone watching the TV, even though no one is home.

A fake TV simulator is an unconventional way to mislead a burglar that somebody is watching TV inside the house while actually, you are not.

This product is very bright and lights up all the open spaces. You can see it from several different windows around the property and it looks like someone is watching TV.

With the holidays around the corner, you should get one of this for your home to ward off criminals who might want to take advantage of your absence.


  1. Pressure mat

Floor pressure mat is for safety and security purpose. Pressure mats will covertly detect a person standing or walking on them.

The pressure configured to upset an alarm when a certain pressure is exerted. The type of alarm call raised is dependent on how the equipment is configured. It is best suited for home security.


  1. Camo safe

The greatest advantage of installing a home safe is the added security it offers. You will have peace of mind knowing that your valuable items will be kept safe from burglars and from anyone you visiting your home.

It can keep your valuables safe so they will always be available when you need them.


  1. Y cam

The Y-cam protect outdoor camera means the user can see and hear what’s happening outside their home or business from anywhere ensuring the property is protected day or night.

The camera instantly alerts that motion has been detected. It provides video and pics feed where ever you are, so long as you have the application on your smartphone.


  1. Two-way radio

Short Range Devices used on ISM frequency bands and exclude other licensed radio devices used on licensed frequency bands such as Mobile GSM as long as it does not cause harmful interference to other lawful users of radio spectrum.

The mobile network sometimes has connection issues due to, but with a radio, you can communicate without such connection issues.

With the radio, you can enjoy quality airtime as it does not requires you to buy call credit.

Radio usage is legal in Nigeria because you do not need a license to own one! Anyone with the knowledge of how it works can buy it for their security and safety.

However, it must perform at a certain radiofrequency.


  1. GPS Trackers

GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System, and it is designed to give an accurate location of a person or a property. This technology is being used in several sectors of the economy.

There is the Asset Trackers used for tracking financial and supply chain management, The GPS Vehicle Trackers are used for tracking vehicle and then there is the GPS Personal Trackers used to track individuals.


GPS trackers help in recovering stolen phones, vehicles, and missing persons among others. With this tool, you can monitor your asset from anywhere in the world.


Final words

Security gadgets are affordable and having some of this will improve your security. If you are looking to procure any of the mentioned gadgets, please contact Sheriff Deputies’s procurement department on 234- 812 659 5211.

The most amazing part of all the mentioned security gadget is that it does not require your expertise, just a basic knowledge of how they work should be enough to keep you safe.

From everyone at Sheriff Deputies, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year