5 Dangers You Are Exposed To If You Are Not Security Conscious

5 Dangers You Are Exposed To If You Are Not Security Conscious

The state of consciousness is to know what is going on around you. It’s about knowing what to do and how to react to everything that happens around you. Consciousness is knowledge because it will be impossible to react if you don’t know about the impact a situation could have on you.

Being conscious is not a one-off feeling; consciousness is constant for a living being. Relating this phenomenon with our day-to-day security means you need to be aware of the security threats you are exposed to daily. And if you are not conscious of this fact, you could innocently become a victim (of course! We don’t want you to be a victim). That’s why in this article, you will be learning about 5 dangers you are exposed to if you are not security conscious.

5 Dangers You Are Exposed To If You Are Not Security Conscious

  1. Pick-pocketing and Bag snatching

Am sure this is something you will dread if you like shopping in Lagos market. A case study is the popular Balogun market which has close to 200,000 people trooping in to either buy or sell cloth daily.

As good as this number sounds, so is the high risk of bag snatching. Criminals take advantage of these crowds to try to cut through bags and make away with shoppers valuables. Most of the time victims don’t recover the stolen item and are only left to wonder how it all happened.

These criminals are good at doing this, and you won’t know anything has been stolen from you until later.

What then can you do to prevent this?

We have not said you shouldn’t visit Lagos market again, but here is what you should do to prevent pick-pocketing and bag snatching.

  • Don’t keep your valuables (phone, backpack, wallet and purse) in your back pocket – It is easier to be caught unawares from behind!
  • Shop in a secured environment, preferable shop where there are a visible security guard and surveillance cameras.
  • Avoid close body contact.
  • Try to isolate yourself from onlookers – you can be caught unaware.
  • Ensure your arm is wrapped around your side bag and close to your chest area.
  • Periodically feel your valuables in your bag especially after there is a human collision.
  1. Burglary and Robbery

Have you ever imagined returning home only to find out your door or window has been broken and your property is stolen? Your response to this could be “God forbid!” But really this has happened to a lot of people.

When you are getting a space for commercial or residential use, ensure it has reinforced doors and windows. They should be burglary proof, because you definitely have something that keeps you busy and will not be watching your doors and windows all day. But of course you can get the services of a security guard to do that on your behalf. You really will be doing yourself a lot of good when you take a proactive step as this.

What then can you do to prevent this?

  • While leaving your home or store, ensure the gate/doors are locked.
  • Be careful with people you drop the keys with because it could be duplicated and used when you are not around.
  • As much as possible avoid keeping keys under the flower pot or foot mat – those ones are an easy guess.

When we are aware of what can happen to our properties, it helps to decide on the best way to protect them.

  1. Suicide Attack

Years ago, Suicide attack was prevalent in the Northeastern part of Nigeria. But today it has reduced drastically due to sensitization and awareness campaign (community policing) by security agency on how to detect a suspected bomber. A number of terrorist attacks have been foiled due to the bravery of some civilians and military personnel.

A suicide bomber will always look for a crowded area to perpetuate the act; some could hide the device in a bag and remotely detonate it. The best person to call in cases like this is the Police because they have been trained on how to handle such devices. Ours is to raise alarm when we are suspecting any strange movement.

What then can you do to prevent this?

  • The proactive step here is to ensure vehicles and bags are scanned at entrance and exit point of places that have high human traffic – a security company like Sheriff Deputies have these scanners.
  • Report suspected individual in your community to the police, you can invite the police to search the person apartment (Yes you can!).
  1. Car-snatching

Car-snatching can be avoided, just like every other crime, although more difficult when the car snatcher is armed. According to security experts, most of the car snatchers usually trail their victims for a while until they have a better chance of stealing the cars. Some wait until the car is packed before carrying out the crime.

Another strategy used by these criminals is to wave you down pretending to need your help in fixing their vehicle (this is very common while driving on the expressway). The best you can do in this case is to call a towing vehicle to help. Do your best not to step out of your car, it could be a plan.

What then can you do to prevent this?

  • Installing anti-lock and tracking device in your cars can also help.
  • While driving ensure you periodically check your rearview mirror, to see if you have been trailed.
  • If you think you have been trailed, drive straight to a police station or seek an escort.
  1. Kidnapping

The issue of kidnapping is not alien to any Nigerian; there are reports on kidnapping every day, especially in the dailies. Kidnapping can happen anywhere, but being conscious of this danger will help you a great deal in making sure you are not a victim.

What then can you do to prevent this?

  • While boarding a vehicle ensure you are boarding from a government-approved park.
  • Avoid walking alone especially when it’s dark
  • Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, If you driving ensure you periodically check your rear-view mirror to see if you have been trailed. If you think you have been trailed, drive straight to a police station or seek an escort.

Are you security conscious?

We have shared just a few dangers you are exposed to if you are not security conscious, they are to further show that security is everyone’s business. You could be a victim of a robbery or kidnap if you don’t take concerted efforts to be conscious of what is going on in your environment. For a start, get your community policed by security guards. Contact us for a free security risk assessment today!

Please do share with us possible danger we could be exposed to if we are not security conscious, we love to hear from you.