Personal Security In 10 Easy Steps

Personal Security In 10 Easy Steps

Nigeria is probably the most religiously conscious country in Africa. And when it comes down to the issue of personal security; most Nigerians are positive and believe “no evil shall come to them” – Yes! That is a typical Nigerian for you.

But here’s the truth; as long as you interact, trade, work, drive, or move from one place to another you are exposed to crime. So it won’t hurt to be a little informed about your personal security even though you believe “no evil shall come near you”.

Personal Security In 10 Easy Steps

That’s why in this article, we will be sharing 10 easy personal security steps you should keep in mind always.


  1. Be conscious of your environment

Always pay attention to what is going on around you, whether you are driving or walking, try not to get lost in your thoughts. The use of headphones while walking is strongly discouraged. For your safety, you can always listen to your songs when you get to a safe place.

While driving, reduce the volume of your car sound system to a minimal level – low enough to hear what is going on around you, even while your door glasses are all wind up.

  1. Avoid typing and texting while walking on the Street

If you want to show off your new phone, please don’t try it on the street, especially on Lagos streets. Your phone could be snatched by a ‘sharp guy’. It is also difficult to walk straight when your gaze is all fixed on your phone. Keep your head straight – you are less likely to be caught on aware.

  1. Don’t give personal banking information to strangers

Your bank will never call you to ask for your personal banking information, (they have it already!). As a matter of fact, your bank can’t do anything on your account unless you accent to it. That is why there is always a form to fill at the bank and OTP every time you transact online. If you are really in need of cash, avoid giving out your debit card, preferably transfer the cash.

  1. Fence and Alarm

Understandably, not everyone is a landlord, and not all houses are fenced. The fence gives you a level of security, its good enough to raise alarm when you see someone trying to climb your fence. In fact, you should make it more difficult for burglars and robbers to access your home. Installing a security alarm will also help you create attention in the case of robbery.

  1. Avoid free rides

Not all free rides come free, some come with evil intents. Endeavour to always board at a government-approved park or bus stop. You should sometimes trust your instinct, if you feel uneasy, get out or get away. It is better to be late in getting to a place than not getting there at all.

  1. Buy what you can carry

This is for shoppers – having too much to carry will distract you from other happenings in your immediate environment. It makes you a potential target for robbers, do well to get carriers or reduce the package you carry at a time. And if you have bought more than you can carry, get an extra help from along when going shopping.

  1. Surveillance Camera

CCTV, as it’s fondly called, is probably the most innovative tech. An innovation that has helped to address various security issues being raised by individuals and businesses. Do well to have them installed in strategic areas. It helps you monitor activities in real-time.

  1. Don’t walk alone

When going out for a walk at night or in a dark area, try not to walk alone. Allow a friend escort you and always have your flashlight with you. It’s ideal to put these measures in place to prevent any unfortunate occurrence.

  1. Go cashless

It is not safe to go around with a huge amount of money in bags. Good enough there are a number of safe e-wallet available for use. The debit card and various mobile banking App are also available for your convenience.

Criminals can site cash in your pocket (they can site money from 10 metres away), don’t underestimate them. They would go the extra mile to steal it from you. As much as possible avoid counting money in a public area too. It attracts unnecessary attention.

  1. Call a security guard

If you need any assistance, your go-to person is the security guard, especially at public places like malls, markets, airports, terminals and banks. When a crime motivated fellow notices that you are new to an environment or need direction in locating a place, you could be tricked into going to a place where they perpetuate their evil acts.


Mentioned above are 10 practical personal security tips you should keep in mind. Knowledge is power. Now that you know, we hope these personal security tips will help you stay safe. Please feel free to share with us other personal security tips that have been helpful to you, we love to hear from you.