5 Home Security Precautions for Property Managers

5 Home Security Precautions for Property Managers

If you are given the responsibility to watch over someone’s property whether as a manager or a housekeeper, keep in mind that you have been given a huge responsibility, it means you are in charge and you will take responsibility if anything goes wrong. It is your responsibility not only to oversee the property’s maintenance but also its safety when you are managing the property.

As a property manager, it is important to take certain precautions to keep homes safe. At Sheriff Deputies, the security of property is a priority and this article will help you become more informed on the best way to keep your home safe while you go on your vacation/holidays.

These 5 simple tips will be helpful to property managers and beneficial to the owner of the property.

  1. Make sure the doors are locked

You should always lock the doors of a house you are managing, even if you live in a highly secured neighborhood where your doors can be left unlocked. In the event of an emergency or break-in, locking the doors will protect the owners’ belongings. Don’t get locked out of your house by forgetting your keys when you leave.

  1. Recommend installation of Security Alarm

When you leave the house or are asleep, you can arm the alarm system with an alarm code. Make sure you ask the homeowners for the alarm code if the house you are managing has one, if not recommend it.

In case the alarm accidentally goes off while you are there, the alarm company should be told both the code and the password. In the event the alarm was a mistake, the password will allow you to tell the company that there is no need for police to be called. Contact us if you need a security alarm system.

  1. Newspapers and mailed parcels should be collected

One of the ways criminals know whether a property is unoccupied is when the entrance/gate is littered with uncollected packages and mailed letters. Make sure you get the letters and pick up the utility bills thrown on in the compound.

Stacks of packages and mail in the mailbox indicate that the homeowners are away. You can make a house seem lived in so that robbers looking for empty houses will know when you are there.

  1. Light up the outside

The dark parts of homes are attractive to potential burglars since they are easier to sneak into. As a property manager, keep the outside lights on at night. Or install solar-powered outdoor lights to reduce the stress of coming to the house every night to put on the light.

  1. Make an unscheduled visit to the property

Once in a while change the time, visit the property you are managing, and alternate the days you come around so that it becomes more difficult for anyone with the intent to rob the house to monitor your visit schedule.

You will be placing so much uncertainty in the plans of the criminals which is good for your security and the house you are managing.

Action Points

Many homeowners have come back after spending some time away, only to come back to a practically empty house, they are welcomed with an empty sitting room, in most cases, and electronic gadgets are the most stolen items. Criminals are always lurking looking for the most venerable properties to break into.

In this article, we hope you have been more informed and will take necessary actions to keep your home away from thieves and other criminals.