5 Protocol Duties That Should Be Handled By Your Security Guards

5 Protocol Duties That Should Be Handled By Your Security Guards

Protocol duties are carried out to ensure orderliness and politeness in any given organization, environment or event. It involves the strict adherence to certain procedures and policies about a particular organization, environment or event.

To put it more simply, protocol duties are about exercising control without being too domineering. And that’s why the role is a perfect fit for security guards.

So in this article, we want to share with you reasons why your protocol duties need to be handled by a trained security guard.

5 Protocol Duties That Should Be Handled By Your Security Guards


The job of a front desk officer is one that comes with a very specific job description, they are responsible for handling enquiries, welcoming guests, and they are sometimes involved in administrative duties.

Have you not noticed that Nigerian banks now have uniformed security guard as their front desk?

You don’t want to create the wrong impression when your customers and client comes visiting.

When your customers, clients see this personnel at your front desk:

  • They feel more secured.
  • They feel more valued.
  • No one appreciates disorderliness; they will respect more, your level of professionalism.
  • From a customer’s perspective, it feels good to have someone to talk to when you are confused, especially when it’s the first time.


Because the security guards are the first ones at the gate, they can easily tell which company staff is on sit. You or your visitor doesn’t need to search through the whole building for someone who might not be in the office in the first place.

Your security guard is the best internal police you can have around; they are less biased and hardly have a preference over other non-security staff.

They tend to respond more swiftly to calls. The same can also be said of the guards at the bank, they are deliberately put in charge of the enquiry phone (usually at the entrance or corridor of banks) for professional reasons.


You need someone who can be trusted professionally to help manage your company asset. The reason why a trained security guard will do a better job is simply that of the training they have been exposed to before becoming a certified security guard.

The hallmark of a good security company is discipline and dedication to service, and that is one value you need to manage your company asset. Keys to offices, company vehicles and reports on the status of company assets are safer with the security guards.

There only very few cases of theft in companies where security guards have been saddled with the responsibility of managing company asset.


In a multi-cultural and incredibly populated country like Nigeria, having events where a lot of people in attendance is not strange.

However, there have been cases where these events were marred with overcrowding and mismanagement.

In recent times this (crowd mismanagement) have reduced because event managers now know crowd management is key to having a memorable event, and that is another thing security guards have been able to manage effectively.

It can only get better with more people getting the services of a security guard to manage some strategic aspect of their event either on a short time or on long term bases.

When next you are planning for your event, do well to include the services of a security guard in your plan.


Access monitoring is also very important; these do not only provide you with some level of internal security but external security.

As a business owner, you can easily access the level of punctuality in your company through the daily log book. Your workers simply sign-in and sign-out when they are leaving the office.

This also applies to your visitors, it easy to get basic information on everyone to comes into your company on a daily bases. Should there be any need to investigate a theft or any other criminal act, the logbook is usually the first place investigators look into.

Security guards also check vehicles at the point of exit and entry to ensure that the driver of the car is not carrying an item that has not been authorized.


Ease yourself of the stress of protocol duties; the job of a security guard has gone beyond standing by the door. They have been trained to get more involved with how things are run in an establishment.

Mentioned amongst the protocol duties are Front desk management, Asset and access management, events management, and administrative assistants.

If we must make Nigeria as good as the more developed country, these is good place to start, when there is order, things work better.

We cannot exhaust the protocol services offered by security guards, we leave you to mention a few protocol services you have seen security guards handle.

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