New Year Security Tips For Returning Travellers

New Year Security Tips For Returning Travellers

Happy New Year!

We are glad you made it also into the year. The yuletide season is over and it’s time for all those who travelled to return back to their base.

In this article, we share with you some New Year security tips for as many people that travelled during the yuletide season.

New Year Security Tips For Returning Travellers

1.    Avoid carrying too many luggages at a time

When it comes to being security conscious while travelling this new year, being minimal is probably the best thing.

Travelling with too many luggages can be daunting, and you could lose any of the luggages. But if you can’t do without carrying the big bags, try to use the logistics department of a transportation company. Your bags are more secured with them.

2.    Ask the right question

If you are going to travel to a new environment, you definitely need a travel guide. But we all know that the job of a travel guide is not as common in Nigeria.

So, most times we rely on the people living in the ‘new’ environment to direct us to where we intend going.

However, this also comes with its own disadvantages; some criminals take advantage of newcomers, and direct them to a place where they could harm the visitor, sometimes leaving them stranded.

While planning your return trip, try to do a background research of the towns major landmark and streets you are leaving. If you need direction, ask the taxi driver, a law enforcement officer and don’t be timid while asking questions.

3.    Avoid travelling at night

This is one popular advice you get when you want to travel, especially if you are travelling by road. It’s a different case if you are travelling by air.

Due to the limited activity on the road at night, armed robbers and bandits mount illegal checkpoint to rob travellers.

Even if you decide to go cashless, the robbers could be frustrated because they are unable to get money and could even kill if they are unable to get cash.    

4.    Go around with less cash, go cashless

It is expected that travellers move around with a lot of cash just in case there is a reason to commit some money to meet a need while travelling.

This notion is carried by criminals; do well to disappoint them by going with less cash. Thanks to the availability of POS and different payment platform.

Going around with a lot of cash will only attract unnecessary attention from some criminals who are determined to spoil the fun.

5.    Be security conscious

Recent findings have shown that 3 of 15 passengers lose one of their belongings, with phone and wallet counting for the most missing items.

While sitting in the bus, keep your phone and wallet in a safe place, preferably in your inner purse just in case you need to take a nap (which is very common amongst travellers).

Do well to confirm your things (wallet, phone, and other valuable), especially when someone in your bus is about to highlight.

Using locks for your bags wouldn’t be a bad idea you know?

What Next?

We have shared this few tips out of the numerous experiences of travellers, hope this information will help you have a crime-free travel.

Share with us, some of the things you do to secure yourself (aside from praying) while travelling.

Have a safe trip, and make the most of the New Year!

With love, from everyone at Sheriff Deputies.