5 Signs That Show You Need A Security Guard


As private security practitioners, we often get the question from prospective clients on whether they need a security guard. Our answer is usually the same every time, and it is a resounding – yes!

Despite popular opinions, study has shown time and again that security is not a luxury as many like to think, but rather a necessity. Everyone deserves to be safe,rich or poor.

However,not many people realize they need security until it is too late. That’s why we would be sharing with you in this article 5 signs that show you need a security guard.



1.    Social Status

If you are a high earner, an executive, we mean a top earner, driving the best of cars, or living in one of the best architectural pieces, and shopping in the most sophisticated malls?

If the aforementioned describes your kind of person, then it’s time to get the services of at least one security guard.

For someone who is wealthy, he is not only protecting himself/herself but also managing risk. A lot of persons are dependent on him/her to provide their means of livelihood.

2.    Environment

Despite the infrastructural development in several states in Nigeria, there is still this anticipation for an experience of the city life by rural dwellers.

This is the reason why we have more people in cities compared to the people in the villages and when you have a higher population there is a higher risk of criminal offense.

In order to reduce this, you need to put a level of security in place to help control access to your community.

If you live in an estate, you definitely need to have a security guard to man your estate gate.

So many wise communities are mounting the gate to secure the main access point.Communities who cannot afford the services of a professionally trained security guard go-ahead to get local guards to help manage security.

Regardless of what kind of environment you find yourself as long as you have people coming into your community, you need a security guard.

3.    Registered business

When you have a business to run, you need the services of a security guard.

The reason is that you need someone to oversee your working environment and ensure the security of lives and property.

If you are privileged to own a school, mall, restaurant, house, worship centres or another establishment, then you need to do what you can to protect it.

Failure to have a security guard will leave you exposed to any kind of attack which could have a drastic negative effect on your business growth.

4.    When you have a family

As a man, woman or guardian, having a means of livelihood (house, food, job) are basic needs in the house. So if want to protect these basic necessities, you need to get your security right.

Even though you can’t be there to watch over your family physically 24/7, you have to make plans that will keep your family safe while you have gone to work or for other functions.

Understandably, you might not be able to afford a bodyguard or security guard as it were, but you can live in an environment that his well-guarded.

We have seen cases of areas where there is no visible security guard. If you find yourself in such area, you can walk up the people in the community to raise money for your community’s security.

As opposed to what some people think, hiring a security guard is really not that expensive.

5.    When you are experiencing theft and shortage in stock.

Retailer store is the most affected by this; monthly items are reported missing with no trace of how it got missing.

A security guard will help you reduce this act, they will be able to check the bags of staffs and scan bags of customers for metals or weapons.

Good to note that, surveillance cameras have also come in at a good time to help the security guard have a real-time video recording of every activity that took place in a retail store.

 Action plan

Security guards are equipped to manage any form of disturbance, leaving you to face the business of providing for the family and running your business.

If any of the listed signs tell the story of what you are experiencing, then its time to take drastic steps.

As always, please share with us, those things that prompted you to get a security guard if you have any.

We also like to know what you have seen or experienced in your environment that makes you want to get the services of a security guard.