5 Common Habits That Compromise Your Personal Security

5 Common Habits That Compromise Your Personal Security

In our daily living, we all have things we do that have become a routine – habits. For instance, there are certain habits that compromise your personal security. The environments you find yourself also determine the kind of habit you adopt. But some habits are acceptable in some clime, while it’s a taboo in others.

5 Common Habits That Compromise Your Personal Security

Habits are the things we do most of the time and unconsciously. These habits are developed over time. However, your habit can also make or mar your personal security. That’s the focus of this article; we will be sharing with you 5 common habits that compromise your personal security.


When you make it a habit to flash your money in public, you expose yourself to people who could pick your pocket, snatch your bag or trail your vehicle.

Places like bars, salon, busy markets, are not the most ideal places to flaunt your cash. So what should you do?

New habit

  • When you are withdrawing a huge amount of money, go with a bag big enough to carry your money. Don’t rely on the banks ‘money bags’ those ones are an easy guess for a desperate thief.


  • Avoid counting your money at the ATM, the machine is 99.9% accurate!


  • Go cashless, use the POS machine where possible, bank transfer, or USSD are a better option.


  • Sort your cash indoors before going out.



We are not saying you should not to talk to someone on the phone, after all phones are made so we can communicate with people even if they are not physically with us.

But the things we say over the phones can make criminals take advantage of what they have heard you say on phone.

Some of us have voices that are audible enough for someone standing 15-20 Metres away. Imagine you telling someone over the phone in a public place that “Uche, come and take the N50,000, it’s with me now”!

Two things are involved here; people who heard you speak will think you are bragging, while you might be unfortunate to be heard by a criminal who will definitely keep an eye on you.

New habit

  • Politely ask your caller to call you back at some other time.


  • If for any reason, you can’t do but speak loud, ask your caller to send a text, or chat on phone messenger.



In our previous article we have reacted extensively on the use of headphones, and the dangers we expose ourselves to when using it wrongly.

When walking with the headphones, we become deaf to the audibility of our immediate environment.

Like the other sensory organs, the ear is also very important, so we must do well to ensure to we can hear everything that is going on around us.

New habit

  • If you must use the headphone reduce the volume to a level low enough to hear what is going on around you.


  • Another option is not to use it when you are in a busy place like the market, amusement park, concerts and other public places.


  • Keep your heads up.



Walking alone at night is also one of the common habits that compromise your personal security and can put you at a great risk. So don’t wait until you are the victim of a crime before you decide to imbibe a new habit.

New habit

  • Avoid lonely routes at night, even if those routes are shortcuts to your destination.


  • Make it a habit to have a flashlight while walking at night.


  • Having a pepper spray or whistle in your bag is not a bad idea.


  • Avoid walking alone at night if possible.



The environment we find ourselves contributes to this habit. We find ourselves leaving the doors unlocked because some of us were just not brought up to lock the door while at home.


Ideally, doors should be locked at all times whether you are home or you are out of your home, the same applies to your office doors.

When doors are left unlocked, intruders will have direct access to rob you of some valuables or some other criminal offence can be meted out to you.

New habit

  • Ensure you lock your doors when going out, and keep the keys in a safe place.


  • Always double check if your doors are closed, the keys can be funny at times.



For us to have a better security, we need to be more proactive – doing all we can to prevent a security breakdown. This involves changing some habits that can compromise your personal security.

Share with us, some habits that have helped improve your personal security, it will be nice to hear from you again!