5 Security Threats to Avoid During Covid-19 Lock Down

5 Security Threats to Avoid During Covid-19 Lock Down

 Since November 17, 2019, the world has witnessed its worst pandemic in 100 years! it is a pandemic that has caused practically shut down the world economy. Nigeria, known as a country with rich cultural and religious values also witnessed a shutdown of all places of worship as a measure to curb the spread of the disease.


As at the time of writing this article 25 out of 36 states in Nigeria all have recorded cases of COVID19, a worrying situation for Nigeria, especially being the most populated country in Africa. It is unclear how the post-Covid19 era will be like. The fear of job loss, food shortage, poverty, poor business funding flows through the minds of Nigeria.


5 Security Threats to Avoid During Covid-19 Lock Down


All through these uncertainties lies also the risk of insecurity, research, shows that crimes are at an increase at a time like this.


  1. Armed Robbery


It is hard to imagine armed robbery when there is a lockdown, especially when the vast majority are not working! But, armed robbery is a threat we can avoid during this lockdown if we take the following precautionary steps:

  • Lock your door always
  • Employ a private security guard to provide you with a 24hours security service. If you cannot afford to get one for your home, liaise with others in your neighbourhood to discuss how you can jointly get their services.
  • Report strangers or suspects to local security agents for profiling and questioning.
  • Don’t flaunt your wealth, be modest, help those in need, but avoid the abuse.
  • Avoid driving your car at odd hours, vehicles could be stolen.


  1. Kidnapping

Kidnapping in Nigeria have gotten lesser media cover during the coronavirus pandemic, which is not to say, it still not happening. As we always say “security is a proactive measure” you also need to take precaution to prevent this from happening. The following measures would help:


  • Report suspected persons in your neighbourhood.
  • Keep the kids indoor or ensure they are under your watchful eyes when they are out playing with mates.
  • Ensure there is no bridge in communication, that is to say, always goes out with your handset.


  1. Late-night movements

 Walking late at night can be risky, especially now that we have a low human and vehicular movement, the chances of kidnapping are higher when it late in the night, the fact that you cannot tell what’s ahead of you or who is coming behind you when walking in the dark or poorly illuminated street puts you at greater danger.


If you must have a walkout session, do it at day time while maintaining the recommended social distancing practice, avoid night walk-outs.


  1. Riot

Riots are another security threat we are exposed to during the Covid19 pandemic, and unless something is done, riots and chaos within the community are inevitable. Residence of the states where lockdown have been enforced could in a bid to force the government to relax curfew force a public protest which eventually leads a clash with the security operatives then a full-blown riot.


Riots typically involve theft, vandalism, and destruction of properties. This can be avoided by strategically deploying security operative in the neighbourhoods, particularly in areas known to have higher crime incidences. Also, the presence of the security operatives helps to prevent the breakdown of law and order.


  1. Cybercrime

In the March 29th publication of The Punch, the Inspection General of Police, Mohammed Adamu warned Cybercrime, fraud may rise due to lockdown. According to the report, Adamu through the force spokesman, DCP Frank Mba, said scammers in Nigeria and other parts of the globe have begun to create and set up fraudulent websites, e-commerce platforms, fake social media accounts and emails claiming to sell and deliver COVID-19 medical products.


He said, “Specifically, intelligence obtained from the INTERPOL headquarters shows that scammers in Nigeria and other parts of the globe have begun to create and set up fraudulent websites, e-commerce platforms, fake social media accounts and emails claiming to sell and deliver (COVID-19) medical products”.

People spend more time online during lockdown and scammers are taking full advantage of this by phishing, this phish takes a different form, they send links telling the recipient to access relieve items while requesting confidential information from individuals to scam.


The best way to go about this is, activate 2-step verification on all your social media account to prevent hacking. Also, do not share your banking details with anyone, not even your bank manager! Lastly, avoid opening unsolicited emails and link.


The urge to make enough money to compensate for the days spent staying at home doing nothing would be expectedly high; it is easy for innocent victims to get scammed because of the hunger/desire to make wealth. Do not fall prey, browse safely!


In conclusion, we have been able to discuss 5 security threats you can avoid during the Covid19 pandemic, please help others by sharing this piece of insight with family and friends, see shares button for respective social platforms below and share.