5 Security Tips For End of Year Shopping

5 Security Tips For End of Year Shopping

There are times of the year when market men and women usually experience a surge in sales. This is during the end of year shopping season. At that time of the year, salesmen and women are busy for the right reasons. And some even say it’s a time of harvest for all the times one has laboured doing marketing.

Promo sales, giveaways and bonanzas are usually a common theme for major sellers and distributors in Nigeria during the end of year shopping season. A situation many say it’s due to the increasing trust in E-commerce. E-commerce is one of the major business platforms that tend to offer amazing giveaways and promo for its online users.

Of all months in the year, the month of November and December counts as the months with the highest e-commerce transactions due to the end of year shopping season. Nearly everything you need to enjoy your Christmas or end of year party can be gotten online. For some, this period is the best time to get new electronic gadgets and home furniture, even travel bookings!

Today’s article will help you manage your security at this financially demanding time of the year (November – December) as you go about your end of year shopping season.

5 Security Tips For End of Year Shopping

We know how much you care about the security of your life and property. That’s why at Sherriff Deputies, we will not deny you of the opportunity to be better informed on how you can keep yourself during the end of year shopping season.

  1. Offline Shopping – Avoid Carrying Large Cash

Carrying of large cash should and must be avoided while going for shopping. Despite the sensitization of Nigerians against the use of cash at stores and markets, many still have issues trusting the POS. They argue that information gotten for POS can be used to hack their bank accounts.

This notion is not correct; payment with POS is very safe, as long as you don’t disclose your card details to anyone. At the point of collecting your debit card from your bank, the bank is obliged to warn against the disclosure of your card PIN to anyone, not even to the bank staff!

When you move around a busy market with a large sum, you expose yourself to bag snatchers and sweet talkers. Bear in mind that, not everyone you see in the market is there to buy or sell; some are there to take advantage of careless and innocent shoppers.

There are other means to make payment asides cash, you can do a mobile bank transfer to the sellers’ account, or scan the merchants’ payment QR code. These modes of payment are more convenient, you won’t need to worry about your bag being sliced. If you must get some cash, dash to the nearest ATM to withdraw money.

  1. Zip Up Your Bag!

While walking around the market, keep your bag close to your side (under the arm) especially if it’s the bag that has some money in it. It is a lot safer if the bag also has a zip, so you can zip it up.

From the experiences we have had with cases of theft and bag snatching, we can say you also need to be aware of your immediate environment. Always look for a less crowded route when walking through the market. 90% of the people who have had their bags snatched were either distracted or carried away by the event they find themselves in.

This end of year shopping security tip largely depends on how active you can be in keeping tabs with what is going on around you. Avoid being the mediator when there is a fight; when you see a crowd gather, simply mind your business!

  1. Be Wary of Strangers

If you are shopping at a market for the first time, this end of year shopping security tip will prepare you for a good shopping experience. You can be tempted to ask for directions from people, some might even assist you without requesting!

Asking for direction is not wrong, but when you ask the wrong person, it might not turn out the way you might have anticipated. Criminals can make you feel like they are helping you get what you want but they are trying to lure and extort you of your valuables.

At the market place ask other market sellers, uniformed security officer or taxi drivers for directions. It’s safer to ask people who sell from their store rather than other pedestrians. If peradventure you are short-changed or robbed you can quickly retrace your step or even get security personnel to make an arrest and investigate.

  1. Dress Casual

Let your dressing be comfortable and casual, don’t go shopping dressed like it’s a wedding ceremony. When you are comfortable in your dressing you move freely without causing unnecessary attention.

If you are looking flashy or dress in an expensive outfit, you have already invited criminals to come to snatch your bags or pickpocket. You can do without those expensive clothes and accessories for a few hours during your end of year shopping!

  1. Keep an Eye on your Carriers/Loaders

The job of load carriers at the market is to help in moving purchased items from one part of the market to another. If you buying in bulk then you will most likely need this set of people to lend you a hand.

For security reasons, we suggest you get their services so that your hands can be less busy when you are too busy carrying heavy loads. Criminals can exploit your state and snatch your purse; as noted earlier you need to be conscious of your environment.

How then do you know which carrier is registered in a market? Simply ask your seller to get one for you. The second part of these is to make sure you have your eyes on the carrier to avoid diversion of purchased items/goods. Shoppers do lament how they lost their goods to carriers, but if you can adhere to this end of year shopping security tip you should be fine.

Bonus tips;

  • Avoid keeping expensive items in your car back seats, use the boot!
  • Use designated market car parks/garage, don’t park anyhow.

Action point

As you prepare to go out for your end of year shopping this festive season, we urge you to be more security conscious. One security lapse can end a shopping experience even before it starts.

We hope this end of year shopping security tips will make your shopping more enjoyable. Remember to click on the ‘share’ button below so your friends and family can also learn about this.

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