6 Uncommon Behaviours of Professional Private Security Guards

6 Uncommon Behaviours of Professional Private Security Guards

Quackery amongst private security guards in Nigeria has been the major limiting factor to the growth of the private security services in Nigeria. Despite the popularity of private security services among the urban dwellers, many people still don’t trust their services especially the upper-class income earners. They would rather pay more and get less from the already personnel-starved Police and Army for protection.

Take a look around you, we mean check the malls, banks, estate, airports, parking lots, what you see in these places are uniformed security officers guarding the entrance and providing protocol and escort services.

Perhaps some uncommon behaviours of these private security guards could be responsible for the public’s low confidence in them. So in this article, we are going to be bringing to your notice some uncommon behaviour amongst private security guards.

6 Uncommon Behaviours of Professional Private Security Guard

When you see any officer exhibiting some of these uncommon behaviours below, such person is violating the code of conduct of the private security service. Like every other discipline, there are rules and acceptable behaviours.

  1. Wearing Inappropriate Boots

Wearing of slippers or sandals while on duty can be described as an absolute abuse of the security profession. If a security guard must wear footwear different from the boot he or she must not be on uniform.

You can’t see a soldier wearing slippers while in their camo/uniform, they understand the gravity of such behaviour. A professional guard is not expected to wear footwear other than the recommended boots. Even if he or she is feeling some pains as a result of the boot being on for the most time of the day.

At Sheriff Deputies, we ensure that our guards are always on their boots. This is one of the things our supervisors’ lookout for during unscheduled guards assessment exercise across locations where Sheriff Deputies guards are being deployed. Most of our guards also work in shifts so that they can have enough time to rest and recover for another day’s work.

  1. Tucking Out Shirts

This action can look ordinary and lawful because at some point in our daily living we tuck our shirt or blouse (if you have been dress in a suit, we are sure you can relate). It is okay for anyone to tuck out their dress, but for security guards on duty, it is not correct!

Guards are expected to be properly dressed in their uniform when they are on duty. If peradventure a guard had just finished his shift and decides to fly his uniform, he or she is not expected to be outside. He or she should change into a mufti before going out.

The uniform is the first impression you get of a security guard even before having a conversation. This belief is something we keep dearly because if our guard is not looking properly dressed in their uniform, the dent will not only be on the guard but also on us a company.

  1. Eating Out While On Uniform 

Eating out while dressed in security guards uniform is unacceptable behaviour. This is one of the first few rules and regulation for intending guards to learn while in training. The security guard uniform is such that it is only worn for official reason.

The security post/house built at entrances is designed to cater for cases like this. Guards can order for foods but it must be eaten at their apartment. If a guard must eat outside his or her office, they shouldn’t be dressed in their uniform.

If you see any of Sheriff Deputies officers found wanting, please do not hesitate to report to us. You can contact us through any of our social media platforms, as much as we take responsibility for your security we also take credence to professionalism and dedication of our officer.

  1. Bribe/Tips Taking

Bribe taking is the height of corruption in Nigeria. The Nigeria Law is quite unequivocal about this; In the Fifth Schedule to the 1999 Constitution (the Code of Conduct), it prohibits public officers from accepting property or benefits of any kind for him/herself or any other person on account of anything done or omitted to be done by him in the discharge of his duties.

Security guards are expected to discharge their duties without fear or favour. Where there is bribery; guards are bound to be biased in their judgement and conduct. We also like to use this opportunity to discourage visitors at places where security guards are stationed from giving bribes.

A recent finding shows that security guards ask bank customers for tips when they come to use the ATM or perform a transaction. We have our supervisors monitoring our guards in a bit to preventing such behaviour among our guards.

If you see any of our guards doing so, please do not hesitate to also report. You can contact us through any of our social media platforms, please make it a direct message for confidential reasons.

  1. Smoking and Drinking On Duty

Smoking and drinking while on duty is an act of negligence. There is time for everything when a certain quantity of alcohol is taken, one can lose his or her sense of awareness, and a guard can pass out as a result of intoxication.

When guards are under the influence of alcohol, they become aggressive, imagine a security guard shouting or hassle you, you wouldn’t like it, would you? In a bid a avoid cases like this, we discourage our officers from smoking or drinking while on duty.

  1. Sleeping On Duty

What can a security guard who has been posted to guard property or person do if all he does is to sleep all day? Nothing! The essence of having a security guard is to protect lives and property. It is important that throughout a guards shift he or she is awake.

We understand that nature cannot be cheated, the body would need rest, that why we give our guards enough time to rest by putting them on shifts. Just like in other cases, don’t hesitate to contact us, for us, every little thing matters, we cannot afford a lapse.


The aforementioned are some the behaviour exhibited by quack security guards, our clients say we are the most equipped security guards because we have demonstrated what it means to be equipped as a security company.

Tell us how your experience has been when visiting a location guarded by the Sheriff Deputies, you can also schedule a free security risk assessment of your location if you like to have a firsthand experience of what it means to be guarded by Nigeria’s most equipped private security company.