8 Often Overlooked Ways to Prevent Fire Outbreaks in Your Home

prevent fire outbreaks in your home1

The Operational Commander for Federal Fire service, Ime Eyo, outlined several ways to prevent fire outbreaks in your home. They include;

1. Always put off appliances when not in use

For those who go to work, put off all appliances at home to avoid voltage surge that may follow when power is restored after an outage. The same applies for the office when leaving.

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2. Do not overload electrical sockets

Avoid overloading electrical sockets/outlets to prevent sparks that may lead to fire.

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3. Do not smoke at bed time

This is for smokers. After a late night party or stressful day, it may be tempting to have stick just before bed. With the possibility of dozing off, there is a tendency to toss the butt anywhere while it has half-lit. If that lands on the rug or mattress, the consequences can only be imagined.

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4. Do not use phones in the kitchen

In this era of phone and social media, many people go into the kitchen with their phones. The temptations are many. For one, an incoming call may provide a distraction too costly.

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5. Fuel your generator before, not during a football match

With the recent league that has just begun, many football fans will be watching many matches. For one, PHCN cannot be trusted. Any plans for a backup should factor in sufficiently fueling the generator.

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6. Do not be an emergency engineer or electrician

Avoid fixing electrical faults personally when you apparently do not have the skill. Violating the basic rule of aligning like charges can lead to a spark which may result in fire.

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7. Get a Thunder Arrestor

Thunder storm delivers a huge amount of electrical charge. The work of a Thunder Arrestor is to safely lead this current away from the building to the earth to avoid fire. Get one.

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8. Keep the candle on a candle stand

We put candles and leave them beside curtains or clothes or even on tables made from wood. The candle may fall off or a nearby object may get burned.

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