Do It Yourself Security Measures: Why It Fails and What to do about it

Do It Yourself Security Measures

Today, security remains the most important need after food to mankind. Often we try our best to stay safe, protect lives and preserve the few assets we possess. So it’s only natural to try to figure it out by ourselves by engaging in some do it yourself security measures.

Just like Emeka, a Lagos business man who owns several electronic stores in an attempt to secure his business, deployed some do it yourself security measures. He got the strongest locks and fixed them on the doors and gates, installed burglary windows, alarm system, CCTV and other do it yourself security measures just to secure his business.

But unfortunately, as it’s often the case with most do it yourself security measures, Emeka’s store was still burgled with no one to hold accountable. Emeka did all he thought would be enough to ensure security but he was left disappointed at how his self-proclaimed DIY security strategy failed.

Do It Yourself Security Measures: Why It Fails and What to do about it

Perhaps you are wondering why criminals still find a way to burgle some properties that many thought were secured. We are going to share with you, 4 reasons why your do it yourself security measures never works out the way you planned.

  • You Hired An Unprofessional Security Guard

The job description of a security guard is not just written, but acted. It goes beyond bearing the title or putting on a uniform. An unprofessional guard will sleep while on duty, as a matter of fact you will have a hard time telling them what to do because they don’t just have the right training.

Perhaps it will be fair to say “you can’t give what you don’t have”. An unprofessional guard would run away at any sign of danger. You don’t want to get a toothless bulldog as a security guard, would you?

  • You didn’t consult with a security company

Security companies or contractors are organisations who have been licensed to train men and women for the job of security guards. The security companies usually give the best advice when it comes to choosing between armed or unarmed security personnel.

With a security company all you need is tell them what your security goals are, they will do the recruitment for you. Most importantly, you are given a certain level of guarantee on the security personnel’s behaviour.

  • You didn’t conduct a security risk assessment:

There are different approaches to different security challenges. Few questions like do I need a CCTV system? How many security guards do I need? and other important questions would be answered only by a security expert.

A good security company will conduct a security risk assessment on your business environment before suggesting the most appropriate solution.

  • Your security measures are reactive rather than proactive:

Don’t wait until you are a victim before taking actions. Businesses and individuals should device a plan to prevent any form of security breach, even before it happens. When there is a preventive strategy, it is a lot easier to respond to such emergencies. It is never wrong to anticipate potential situations like this; you are only trying to save yourself from experiencing the devastating effects of a security breach.


With these 4 tips shared already, how about you taking actions? As discussed, be proactive in issues of security rather than being reactive. Conduct a security assessment of your neighbourhood before deciding on what kind of security professionals you need. Assign the task of security guards recruitment to those who are licensed to do so. Security is indeed everybody’s business; do well to keep you safe.