WARNING: 5 Ways Businesses Lose Money by Not Using Security Guards

ways businesses lose money

To remain competitive, businesses today exist to make profit and save cost. But while planning for these two critical business objectives, security is rarely considered as an avenue for achieving them. In most cases, security is often regarded as a cost rather than as an investment. But such thinking is flawed and needs to be corrected.

For us, we strongly believe in that an investment in security can yield both profit making and cost saving outcomes, if strategically utilized. We consistently advocate that security be taken as a vital component for business continuity.

For instance, in a previous article, we talked about some strategic uses of security guards, that if properly implemented will lead to more profits for the organization. On the other hand, we also believe that security plays a vital role is helping organizations save costs.

And that is the focus of this article, to warn businesses of 5 ways they are losing money by not using security guards in their business premises.


Let’s find out.

5 Ways Businesses Lose Money by Not Using Security Guards

  • Theft

This is the first warning sign; an absence of security gives room for theft. Since you’re not using security guards to check your employees who leave the office or visitors who come to transact business, the potentials of them making away with some valuables is high.

So naturally, valuables stolen will definitely cost you more money to replace. In other words, you are losing money by not using security guards who would have prevented such thefts from occurring. And if there is no measure (security guards and security policies) to checkmate these, it will negatively impact your bottom-line on the long run.

  • Vandalism

By not using a security guard on your business premises, criminals would be able to commit the act of vandalism. This occurs when your business properties are damaged such as broken windows, damage to vehicles, etc, without permission.

Damaged properties will cost you money to replace, that’s another way you are losing money by not using security guards in your business premises.

  • Burglary

Another warning you need to adhere to is burglary. By not using security guards, burglars will make an illegal entry into your business premises with intent to commit a crime, especially theft. And as mentioned above, when such a crime is committed, you will lose most of your valuable assets which will cost you money to have them replaced.

  • Violence

Violence can become a threat to your business. And by not using security guards who can prevent the escalation of aggressive or unusual behaviors among your employees or scuffle with visitors, your business will be exposed to violence.

This is because the act of violence in the workplace can cause damages to your property which will require money to replace or dangers (such as injuries) to people at your business premises. For example, a violence that leads to the loss of a life may warrant the temporary closure of your business premises. And you don’t need to be told what happens when you are not open for business, you lose money.

  • Downtime

This is an often overlooked loss of money that can arise as a result of not using security guards in your business premises. As mentioned in the preceding point, any threat or danger that warrants the closure of your business is bad for the organization.

For example, a lack of fire safety measures as a security policy and business continuity policy can lead to a devastating fire outbreak. When such happens you will be out of business for a while and you will be losing money during such downtime.


Security guards are important in preventing losses, that’s their primary purpose. By providing an authoritative presence and performing security best practices, professional guards can keep both property and people safe from potential losses, threats and dangers.

But not having security guards stationed at your business reveals a warning that you are losing money on daily basis.

To plan, prepare, and prevent the above threats as well as save cost will require the positioning of well trained and equipped security guards at your business premises.

Don’t wait until you start losing money in your business before hiring security guards from a reputable security company.

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