PUBLIC SECURITY: 6 Event Security Measures to Keep Your Guests Safe

Event Security Measures

How secure is your event?

What measures are in place to ensure that your guests are safe?

No matter the size of your event, keeping your guests safe and comfortable should be a number one priority. It’s important to have the appropriate event security measures in place in order to keep your guests and the venue safe.

Therefore, in this post, we will be looking at event security measures that are necessary to ensure your guests are safe.

6 Event Security Measures to Keep Your Guests Safe

  1. Assess Your Event

Before requesting the number of event security guards you think you need, you’ve got to carry out an event security assessment. This is done by inviting a security firm or consultant to assess your event based on capacity, attendees, venue and nature of your event to determine whether it is a “high” or “low” profile event.

  1. Enlist Highly Capable Security Guards

Having a self-employed security guard will definitely put the people at your event at a greater risk and danger. So your first security measure is to hire professional security guards from a reputable security company. A professional security guard will know how to cope with large numbers of people and handle any situation or threat with a professional response that does not cause a scene.

  1. Secure All Access Points

Once you have capable guards stationed at the event, the next security measure is to ensure that every access to the event is controlled and secured. This keeps out any party crashers or people with the intent to do harm at the event.

  1. Screen Every Guests and Staff

Public events attract all kinds of people, the good, the bad and the ugly. To prevent unforeseen threats or dangers from unknown guests at the event, the security guards on duty should screen every guest. Make sure all guests are properly screened and checked in with proper credentials as well as other personnel.

  1. Have Medical Support Stationed

You never know when someone could have a heart attack or asphyxiation due to choking or bleeding due to accident at the event. This is why it is paramount to have medical support system such as first aid box and ambulance to be able to respond quickly to a medical emergency should any arise.

  1. Fire Proof Your Event

Apart from medical emergencies, fire is another emergency that could also arise at your event. This is why you’ve got to fire proof your event with as many preventative measures as possible. By ensuring there are plenty of extinguishers in place and having a pre-planned exit strategy. Make sure your guests and staffs are aware of the fire evacuation plan as well.


Having pre-planned security measures in place, as well as an emergency plan of action can help you deal with unforeseen circumstances without at your event. Remember your first defense against security breaches are prevention and emergency preparedness. If you have all your pre-planned security measures in place, you’ll be prepared to handle any sort of incident that may arise during the event.

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