NIGERIA BUSINESS SECURITY: Why Self-Employed Security Guards Are Dangerous for Your Business

Self-Employed Security Guard

Most Nigerian businesses who put the protection of their business in the hands of self-employed security guards fail to understand the risk, threat and danger involved.

Yes, they are usually cheaper than what professional security firms can provide. But the benefits you lose are more significant than the little you save.

This is why hiring self-employed security guard is risky to your business.


4 Reasons Why Hiring Self-Employed Guards is Risky to Nigerian Businesses

Here are 4 reasons why self-employed security guards are risky to your business

  • No Agency Back Up

A security guard’s primary function is to prevent crime, and having one at your business premises keeps your business safe. However, a determined criminal can still find its way into your premises and attack the guard in the process leaving him or her in a critical condition.

When a self-employed security guard finds his or herself in such a critical condition, there will be no one as back up for him or her. Since a self-employed security guard is the employer of his or herself, there will be no corporate back up that can be called upon to respond immediately to any emergency.

And without this corporate back up, there will be no one held responsible for the mistakes or someone to call for help during criminal attacks.

  • No Professional Training

Keeping your business, staffs and customers safe and secure is a security function that requires adequate training and skills to perform successfully.

And these trainings and skills are handled by private security firms who are licensed to recruit, train and deploy professional security guards.

So when you hire a self-employed security guard with no professional training, you open your business up to unforeseen dangers.

  • No Security Protocol/Intelligence

Security protocols such as visitor’s screening and other forms of access control are essential to ensure the safety of businesses and its properties. But the lack of it puts businesses, their staff and their customers at great risk.

This is why leaving your business premises in the hands of a self-employed security guard put your business at risk. Because, a self-employed security guard who has no corporate back up and professional training, will be incapable of gathering intelligence about your visitors. This leaves him and your business prone to experienced criminals.

  • No Accoutrements/Security Equipments

Hiring self-employed security guard is putting businesses at greater risk because apart from not being professionally trained; they are not fully equipped with security tools required to perform adequately on their duty.

This is why the highly capable security guards who are fully equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and equipments; stun guns, walkie-talkie, metal and bomb detectors, pepper sprays, etc, are deployed by professional security firms.

Therefore, you’re taking a greater risk in leaving your business premises in the hands of self-employed security guard who is not well equipped to ensure the safety of your business, staffs and customers.


With the above reasons, you’re now aware why hiring self-employed security guards can put not only your business, your staff and your customers at greater risk.

So why delay until your business is at risk before you hire a professional security guard from a reputable agency?

It’s high time you let go of that self-employed security guard and hire a reputable security guard that guarantees the safety of your business, your staff and your customers.

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