We are ahead of the pack with superior intelligence & security services.

We deliver integrated security for operational and business benefits.


Financial indemnity:

We are a national licensed (Grade A) private security company fully insured to the tune of N15m. We got your back!

Risk Assessment:

we embark on a mandatory macro-graphical survey which enables us to understand the realistic determination of our clients security needs.


Our squads are fully equipped with state-of-the-art weapons & equipments; stun guns, walkie-talkie, metal & bomb detectors, Pepper sprays, etc.

Moral obligation:

In the event that a client is displeased or dissatisfied or finds our operatives posted to him unacceptable, we will withdraw and replace them without hesitation.

Unique Kitting:

Our squads are dressed for the job with rugged dark grey chinos supported with shoulder and knee pad for soft landing and unarmed combat manoeuvrability.

Free Security Risk Assessment

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