10 Facts about VIP Security Guards (Part 2)

10 Facts about VIP Security Guards (Part 2)

10 Facts about VIP Security Guards (Part 2)

In the previous article, we started by mentioning a few facts about bodyguard duties and this is the concluding part of the article:

  1. Post and Pre-trip evaluation

Part of the duties performed by the bodyguard is to ensure that the tannery of his employer is safe, they do a security risk assessment of the planned trip and evaluate on arrival from a trip.

They also ensure that identified bottlenecks are well attended to before proceeding on a trip with their employers. They work together with the police and other security agencies to provide support where necessary.

  1. Supervision of Vehicle Maintenance

Part of the activities of the bodyguard is to ensure that the vehicles of his employers are in good mechanical and electrical condition, it is possible that enemies of their employer can tamper with the mechanics of their vehicle to cause delay or breakdown while travelling by road.

They ensure the vehicles are in good condition and ready to embark before ushering his employer in the vehicle. This activity obviously can’t be successfully carried out by one person, a team of guards will be required for this task.

  1. Close Protection Duties

The bodyguard is also close to his employer when they are in public; less than 5 metres distance from their employer. They are close enough to pose a threat for an attacker and far enough for the employer to confidently carry out their social and official functions.

Additionally, they also vet visitors and guests by performing random checks for anything that could pose a threat to the life of their employers, this precedes a confirmation from their employer, who then gives them the go-ahead to allow the visitor or guest join them to meet or greet.

Similarly, organisations may require their employees to show their ID cards before being granted entry into the work premises. In such cases, a security guard must check and ensure that all the rules are obeyed.

  1. They Offer Safety warnings

Among the responsibilities of the security guard is to give advice and precautions to his employers on how to prevent life-threatening situations.

They also explain the likely consequences of ignoring these tips, as a way of convincing their employers to akin to his advice. In addition, a security guard should do his best to ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to.

  1. Performing other special duties

Some security guards, especially those hired by individuals, do more than their primary duty most of the time. They may be saddled with additional responsibilities, such as receiving phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running vital errands for their employer.

If you are planning to take up a full-time or part-time security guard job, keep in mind that you will be required to perform these duties.

 Action Points

Hiring a personal security guard might seem like a luxury, but it isn’t. Public security can also be improved, the presence of bodyguards deters criminals or anyone looking to cause mayhem.

With the facts shared about bodyguarding services, it is evident that they offer more value than what has been said. They have a knack for identifying threats and shielding their employer from any attack.

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