Everything You Should Know About Types of Alarm System

Everything You Should Know About Types of Alarm System

Advancements in technology have made things that used to be complex become simple and easier to comprehend. The truth be said, we are just scratching the surface of advancement, as the day goes by, discoveries are bound to be made. That technology you see as the alpha can quickly become obsolete, all that it requires is another invention or idea that solves the problem generated from an existing solution.

Alarms are one such technology, 90% of the mobile phones used today have the alarm feature! Why do manufacturers of these devices add this feature to the product? If we may ask! Maybe we should spin the question, why do you use the set Alarm on your phone?

Okay, we know you have your reasons, if setting your phone alarm can serve a purpose for you, then, what value can we get if our homes and offices have alarms installed? So what are the types of alarm systems; perhaps after reading this article you will see the reasons or benefits of the available alarm system?

So, here are 5 types of alarm systems for Home and Office:

1.  Fire Alarm Systems

The Fire alarm system is a safety requirement for insurance, banking, school, and corporate buildings. They are usually installed in the walkway, halls, lockers rooms, and other places where you have electrical installations.

The systems are designed to detect smoke, which then triggers the alarm to notify everyone in the building, then turns on the water sprinkler which puts out the fire.

For safety, occupants of such facilities are expected to exit the building as soon as possible while they wait for the Fire Service to confirm whether it’s safe to return, this is because there is the possibility that the fire might have not been put out completely. If there is a need to battle the fire, the Firemen should be able to handle it.

2.  Burglary Alarm Systems

This is installed to prevent illegal entry to a building, an alarm is triggered when someone tries to enter a building using the wrong entry code, or the wrong key to gain access. It is automated.

This type of alarm is best for people who spend more time outside of their homes. To detect if an unwanted burglar comes to visit your office after hours or on weekends, we recommend that you have a burglary system set up.

3.  Alarm system for intrusion

Intrusion detection systems are the most advanced type of entry alarm system. They are usually paired with a Security Operations Control room where a security operator monitors any activities taking place around the door.

4.  Wireless Alarm Systems

Just as the name suggests, they are security systems without wires. These alarm systems typically use a control panel and a series of sensors that are connected with in-built radio recurrence transmitters.

When your alarm system is triggered, a signal is sent to the control panel and the alarm is activated. Wireless alarm systems are also beneficial because they can be managed remotely through your mobile device, and can synchronize with other smart home features like lights, a video surveillance system, and a thermostat.

5.  Electrified Current Alarm System

Electrified current systems monitor entry points like doors and windows, and are typically installed when a home is being built. Electric current systems operate with the flow of electricity across low-voltage wires. When doors and/or windows are shut, the current flows easily. When they are opened, however, the circuit is disrupted, and a loud beep is sounded.

Action Points

It is possible to activate an alarm by opening a door, moving around the house via motion sensors, or listening to loud noises via auditory sensors. Depending on the type of system you have installed, the alarm can also be triggered manually.

As soon as the alarm has been verified by the monitoring center, emergency services will be dispatched.

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