5 Ways Security Guards Help You Save Money

It is believed that the best way to get rich is to develop a habit of saving. Regardless of how much you earn, one should save a fraction. Investments are also a good way to grow wealth; however, you cannot remove the saving factor.

For successful business owners or entrepreneur, it is hard to remove the narration of savings from their testimonies. There are different perspectives to savings and its impact.  Some save for rents, school fees, festive season, business expansion or a differed payment. Anyway, it is a good thing to have some money for savings.

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5 Ways Security Guards Help You Save Money

This article highlights how our security guards are helping businesses and individuals save money, you should read the number 5 reason, you will be amazed!


The essence of employing people is to help a company achieve its objectives per time. From time to time, these employees also help to design a course for the company to grow. Failures to do any of these means you have lost the essence of employing people.

When you leave your staff to worry about the state of security in their space, it will be hard to find them committed. What would normally take them to complete in one day might extend to three or five days!

If you happen to have your office located in a place known for high crime incidence, your staff will work with the fear of getting attacked at any moment.

Employees will be more productive and would perform better in a secure and safe environment.

The truth is when you have security guards in the workspace; it can help to improve employee retention.


Installing surveillance camera in working premises can be expensive at first, but at the long-run, it becomes money well spent. The question now is who is going to manage the feeds and its operations?

A surveillance camera can help prevent or stop a crime from happening. The surveillance camera is a perfect example of the popular saying “prevention is better than cure”.

Security guards can help with this task. An unarmed guard can view the video footage. This frees up employees’ time to do more important things for business operations.


If you run a business that keeps a large amount of cash on hand, you are naturally going to be a target of criminals. Places like banks, shops, boutiques, or other places that are known to have cash are the perfect places for criminals to take advantage of.

Having a security guard present at your workplace tells criminals that they will be punished for their actions.

This sends a warning signal to employees as well. If you are suspicious that someone you’ve hired is stealing cash, you can assign a security guard to keep an eye on the person and other members of staff.


The job of security guards has gone beyond the usual ‘standing at the door’ style of policing. Security guards can actually do a better job in some aspect of customer service.

Security guards offer support for anyone who needs it within the business premises. At the car parks, for instance, security guards help to manage the car parking space, and some even help car owners to re-park.

It will be a distraction if customers come to you or your staff to ask for assistance because they need to park their cars. Trust us, it’s a big distraction! Sooner or later your customer will get tired of coming to ask once they can get this service from your competitor.

Being able to multitask your staff (security guard) can save you money and time. Particularly customer care and special duties are some of the ways you can save money. You won’t need to add more people, which will add to your wage bill.


Security guards are trained to be accountable. You can save money by committing your company assets to the security guards. Assets like generating set, vehicles and other gadgets can be better managed by the guards.

Banks and other corporate offices are major beneficiaries of this money saving task. Car parks are monitored by security guards and installed surveillance cameras to prevent car theft or attack.

The fear of getting caught is always on the mind of a criminal when they know a security guard is keeping an eye on the company assets.

Aside from accountability, your assets will last longer, hence saving you money.

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Acquiring the services of a security guard is not only the best option for businesses, but it is also the way to go for individuals who want to be safe at all times.

Although hiring security for your workplace does come with some financial implication, you can actually save money in the long run by adding security guards to your staff.

Note, these security guards are outsourced to private security company – meaning, you don’t have to add a security guard to your payroll in order to save money. Rather, security guards save businesses money by helping to improve office culture, customer service, the dedication of staff, improved surveillance and security.

If you are looking to get the most affordable security services in Nigeria, you should contact us; trust us to deliver quality services at a minimal cost. Please stay safe and save money!

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