EVERYDAY SECURITY: The Origin of Security – Why Do We need to be Safe?

The Origin of Security - Why Do We need to be Safe?

The origin of security is as old as man himself. From the moment of creation up till today, humans have biologically sort after safety.

No wonder the great psychologist Abraham Maslow identified security and safety as one of the fundamental needs of humans.

Whether its security against emotional, physical or natural threats, dangers and risks, we all want to be safe. The need for security is as basic as the need for food.

There is even a popular saying in local parlance especially when there is a riot; we say “run for your life”.

Security is a broad topic really, but at Sheriff Deputies we have been able to bring every aspect of our everyday security challenges together to find a solution.

The Origin of Security: Why Do We need to be Safe?

Upon reading this article, you will get to re-learn how important it is to be safe.

The following are some of the reasons why we need security as humans.

  • Basic Human Instincts

A normal human being knows that after sound health, what we crave for is security. If it were possible, some will employ all the security guards available for their own private security;

Talk about the manned security guards, patrol guards, surveillance cameras, locks and other security measures will be out in place to ensure the safety of life and property.

Little wonder many of us get scared when a criminal harasses us with a weapon. It’s normal to be scared because that fear was in reaction to the action of the criminal.

In other to have peace of mind, we need to get trained security guards like Sheriff Deputies to manage our everyday security.

If you have been following this blog, we have mentioned a number of everyday security tips for personal, businesses and homes. All these were born out of the need for us to aware of the security.

With the age we are today, it is hard to count private residential estate without security guards because basic human instincts to control access to the estate, by doing this we are protecting not just our life but properties too.

  • Fear of the Loss of Life

When it comes to death, whether old or young, no one will intentionally want to die early in life.

Despite knowing that death is inevitable, we do our best to make sure we are safe, so we can make more impact in the lives of our families and friends.

Like the human’s instinct, the service of security helps to reduce the fear of losing one’s life or even getting kidnapped.

Having security guards only puts you in good stead for safety, as you cannot always rely on the police because we all know that the number of police officers we have in Nigeria is not enough to cater for every citizen of this country Nigeria.

Have you not noticed that top government officials and the elites have their own private security? That’s because they understood that a lot of people rely on them staying alive.

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  • Fear of the Loss of Properties

Losing one’s property alone is not something anyone wants to experience.

Let look at the property that could be lost to theft; goods, vehicles, money and other valuables can get lost – this is enough reason to get security guards.

If you run a business, we are sure you won’t like to wake up to see your goods looted; this can be prevented if you have trained security guards to help monitor you surveillance feeds or monitor activities that go on in your store.

The same goes for homes, schools, mosques and churches – security guard is needed in all these places.

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  • Fear of being Kidnapped

Persons of interest are prone to been kidnapped. When valuables are being transported from one place to another, the vehicle used in conveying these valuables can be hijacked.

Should we then say valuables shouldn’t be transported? No! This is the reason why you need security guards – to prevent this from happening.

Contacting a security company like Sheriff Deputies for an Escort service can help provide security to ensure safe delivery of goods and safety of a person(s) of interest.

Action plan

What birthed a security company like sheriff deputies was the need to bridge the gap between security and insecurity in Nigeria and that we have been doing since 1998.

Trust us to keep you and your properties save at all times.

From industrial security, protocol duties, vault and valuable protection, k9 services to security assessment for events.

Our officers are ready to protect your company, estates or other large gatherings from crimes of all types.

Top businesses have continually turned to us for bespoke security. Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen and contact us for a free security risk assessment now.