BUSINESS SECURITY: 5 Common Safes Nigerian Businesses Should Have

5 Common Safes Nigerian Businesses Should Have

Employing a private security guard is not always a guarantee for safety, but it gives an indication of safety.

They are other internal security equipment that needs to be put in place for complete security and safety; one of such equipment is The Safe.

The Safe; as the name suggests are equipment/gadget used to store valuables.

Regardless of the size, the safe has one basic function and it’s to do the work of keeping the valuable assets safe.

Safe is useful everywhere; whether it’s a school, an office, hospital, stores, or home, having a safe helps. In this article we will discuss the type of safes used in Nigeria.

Business Security: 5 Common Safes Nigerian Businesses Should Have

  1. Safe Deposit Box

The safe deposit box is made with metals and has lockers. This type of safe is usually installed outside the building and typically found at the banks and shopping malls. It is used for storing important assets of customers.

The safe deposit box also has keys and locks to each compartment or lockers. The keys are given to the customer so they can pick up their items when they are leaving the business premises.

It provides ultra-secure storage for valuables such as keys, jewelry and other irreparable documents.

A professional security guard at the entrance will have to do a routine check to ensure that the items are scanned before they are kept in the box.

We are sure you have at one time used the safe deposit box.

  1. Safety Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a secured container, usually held within a larger safe or bank vault. Safe deposit boxes are generally located in banks, post offices or other institutions. Safe deposit boxes are used to store important documents, family will and other priceless valuables.

The exclusiveness alone makes it a better alternative to a home or office safe, and with your possessions being stored alongside the bank’s own assets you can be sure they will be properly protected.
It’s worthy to note that insurance is also paid by owners of this safe, should there be any loss due to theft while your values were at the safe deposit box, the company will have to bear the cost. That is more than ‘double’ security for you.

Another advantage of safety deposit boxes is that it’s safe within a vault, it is heavily guarded. Institutions that run deploy state of the art security mechanism, from surveillance cameras to fingerprint locks, laser light and other technologies are put in place.

It is worthy to note that we cannot neglect the impact of the security guards in managing these facilities. Companies and institutions that run vault services have well-drilled security personnel to manage the facilities.


  1. Cash Boxes

The cash boxes are another type of safe, though movable unlike the depository box and safe deposit boxes.

Having a cash box is a wise way to protect cash from theft. Like the other safes, they are also fire-resistant, meaning you will not be losing your cash in the event of a fire outbreak.

It also provides a secure, locking receptacle for funds that have not been deposited at the bank.

This safe is the cheapest fire-resistant safe we have around, ideal for retailer and vendors.

  1. Filing Cabinets

In today’s corporate world, the use of papers has reduced. Thanks to the advancement in technology, documents can now be shared via end to end encrypted platforms such as emails and Whatsapp.

Regardless of how paperless the future may be, every business is still going to have important documents that will need to be filed and kept as hard copies. Document such as vehicle particulars, customers’ record, deeds and financial documents are just a few examples.

It will be an irresponsible act if for any reason any this document gets lost in the event of a fire outbreak. It’s very difficult and sometimes impossible to recover some documents.

An average filing cabinet will give one hour of fire protection in temperatures up to 1700oF and many are water resistant, as well.

  1. Wall Safes

Wall safes are commonly used to provide hidden protection for valuable documents or jewelry. They can be installed in various depths of wall thicknesses to maximize space.

Some of these Wall Safes offer a pry-resistant recessed door with concealed hinges for anti-theft protection. This kind of safe can be easily covered with a piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or a painting to hide it from view.

This type of safe is suitable for a company who deal with a lot of money and other valuables. It can also be found in some homes too, especially the home of the elites. This type of is more expensive when compared to the other ones we have noted in this article.

Action Point

In this article, we have briefly discussed the common types of Safe we have in Nigeria. It is advisable that every business and home should have at least one of the safes that have been highlighted.

However, one cannot also eliminate the impact of the security guards in ensuring that the safes are not forcefully opened or stolen.

You will need a security guard to monitor the live feeds from the surveillance camera around the safe/vault. The physical presence of the guards at the entrance is advisable. All this put together will give you peace of mind over your assets.

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